Mobile Suit Gundam Wing

Season 1 Episode 34

And its Name is Epyon

Aired Weekdays 5:30 PM Apr 20, 2000 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

In the Luxembourg base, Heero is cornered and mobile dolls are approaching him. He wonders whether this is the end. In answer to his question, a bunch of Pro-Treize soldiers sacrifice themselves and run into the mobile dolls kamikaze style. Heero jumps out and grasps one of the soldiers who has fallen. The soldier tells Heero to protect Treize and then dies.

We hop to Count Dermaile of Romefeller. The Count is told that the attack on Luxembourg isn't going too well. The Count tells the messenger to send in more ground units. The messenger agrees and runs off. The Count then ruminates on the impending alliance between Treize and the Gundams. He must not let it happen.

An interesting scene follows. Heero manages to get into the room that Treize is confined in. Heero has a gun drawn and points it at Treize. Treize talks to him philosophically about the war and fate and the like. Treize then pulls a gun on Heero and wishes that the two should kill each other. Heero disagrees and Treize puts his gun down. After a pause, Treize activates a secret area containing an impressive-looking Gundam.

In the loneliness of space, Romefeller forces have stumbled upon the Wing Zero. They cover it with explosives so as to get rid of all trace of the Gundam. Before they can detonate it though, Zechs appears on the scene in his Tallgeese. Zechs destroys a few of the mobile suits but then a massive fleet of mobile doll reinforcements arrive - they were expecting him. Zechs fights the best he can and destroys a good number of the mobile dolls. Finally, he ejects from the Tallgeese into space as the Tallgeese self-destructs. Floating in space, he heads for the Wing Zero Gundam and boards it.

One of the officers laughs at Zechs' judgment - he's boarding a Gundam covered in explosives! Now that Zechs is inside, the officer explodes the Wing Zero and shrieks at his victory over the Lightning Count. But all is not as it seems. The Wing Zero easily survives the explosion and jumps into combat.

Zechs is absolutely stunned by the reaction speed and destructive capabilities of the Wing Zero. He destroys all Romefeller forces in the area.

Back at Treize's quarters, we find out that the Gundam Treize revealed to Heero was of his own creation. Its name is Epyon. Heero boards it and takes off. The Epyon sports a long, whip-like tail and seems to be more powerful than any other mobile suit shown thus far. Unfortunately, like the Wing Zero, Heero begins to go insane inside. Heero destroys not only all the mobile dolls, but all the Pro-Treize soldiers as well.

The last scene of this episode shows Heero landing at Treize's compound. Treize asks him if he saw what his future holds. Heero looks on, sickly, and convulsing. Treize hands him his gun to shoot him. Heero says he has no right and then falls face-first onto the ground.
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