Mobile Suit Gundam Wing

Season 1 Episode 34

And its Name is Epyon

Aired Weekdays 5:30 PM Apr 20, 2000 on Cartoon Network



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    • Duke Dermail: Treize is nothing more than a mirage with which to dazzle the faction soldiers. In exactly the same way the Gundams symbolize the rebels. We must do everthing in our power to prevent the two from joining forces.

    • Heero: Is this the end?…Relena.

    • Treize Fraction Soldier: LONG LIVE TREIZE KHUSHRENADA!!!

    • Treize: Then let me ask you, who is your enemy? Is it me or OZ, is it Romerfeller or is it your far away home the colony that has betrayed you?
      Heero: Those who stand before me with the intention of killing me, they're my enemies.
      Treize: In that case your battles will never end, since your enemy is destiny itself.
      Heero: Maybe so but I'll continue to fight that's the only choice I have then I don't giva a damn when I do die.
      Treize: Don't you have any desire to try and joy your destiny. In my opinion Relena Peacecraft is a much stronger person than you.

    • Treize: I never thought you would be feeling the limitations of your continuous battle but it is a fact that nobody is able to the course of our times.
      Heero: Well you should be able to, you used to have the power to control the future, you just need to repeat what you did before.
      Treize: Hum, I have no intention of doing that.
      Heero: I see.

    • Heero: Your battle hasn't ended, even as we speak countless soldiers are sacrificing their lives for you, I know for certain that your battle hasn't ended. If anything has ended or rather if anything should end then its my own miserable and useless retaliation.
      Treize: Hm.
      Heero: Huh.

    • Howard: I pray that the path you chose is the correct one Zechs, no I mean Milliardo Peacecraft the symbolic guide that will lead us to peace.

    • Heero: Anyone that fights is my enemy.

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