Mobile Suit Gundam Wing

Season 1 Episode 19

Attack on Barge

Aired Weekdays 5:30 PM Mar 30, 2000 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

The first scene of this episode shows a view of Zechs that we have never seen before. He is lying in a strange bed without his mask, without his uniform. He wakes up and is confused as to where he is until an old man walks in and announces himself as a member of the resistance. The old man, his name is Howard, tells him that he saw everything and will do his best to help him. He offers Zechs a chance to go to space.

We now see Lady Une in another colony meeting, promoting OZ even more as a broker of peace. She is doing quite a good job! An OZ soldier walks in and tells her that Treize wants her to go to their space fortress Barge. Lady Une quickly leaves.

Once at Barge, Lady Une finds that they have located another of the shuttles that was on route to the colonies. This was the mobile-suit carrying shuttle of Duo Maxwell. The shuttle shows no energy traces so Nikol and his men go to capture it. Once they get close, Duo's Gundam pops up and begins to destroy them. The Taurus units are activated and they prove too powerful for Duo to handle. Duo is crippled and the self-destruct button doesn't work. Is this bad luck or good luck, he wonders. The Taurus units capture his Gundam with him inside.

Next we see Trowa, seeing a news reel of Duo's capture (filled with anti-Gundam propaganda). Trowa is too far to do anything though, he waits to let Heero handle things.

We cut to Heero, he is at a colony on a computer and is trying to find information on the man whose name he bears. He can't find anything - all records of him have been deleted. Heero then sees the news reel of Duo and decides that he must do something about it.

Heero smuggles himself aboard an intra-colony shuttle and arrives to where Duo is located. He breaks into Duo's cell and pulls a gun on him - his intention for arriving was to kill Duo to prevent the enemy from learning anything from him. Heero suddenly changes his mind and grabs onto Duo's shoulders to escape. Heero then detonates an explosion.

At the space station Barge, Nikol orders a dispatch of Taurus units to go to the space colony to exterminate Duo and Heero. Lady Une takes off for space at the same moment. The Taurus units, as soon as they leave Barge, begin to explode - Chang Wufei has arrived.

Chang battles the Taurus units as best he can. Nikol orders Barge to fire a giant laser even though his own men are in the way. The laser fires but Chang just barely gets out of the way. Chang is disgusted that OZ would sacrifice its own troops to get to him.

Nikol, inside a Taurus unit himself, flies up with some other Taurus units to engage Chang. As he is about to order an attack, Lady Une, in her shuttle, begins to act strangely. She says that space is meant to be peaceful and that everyone should stop fighting. Nikol is confused and orders an attack anyway. Chang manages to escape. Nikol tells his men not to follow, too confused as to which Lady Une to serve.

An interesting turn of events follows. Heero and Duo are on their way to escape the base. They are wondering how to defeat the Taurus unit. Heero gets an idea and sets a Leo unit to activate. The patrolling Tauruses pick up the Leo and destroy it - now they think all Leos are their enemy. They destroy all the Leos around the base. The Taurus unit then picks up a transmission of Heero in a space suit. They now think everyone in a space suit is their enemy and kill all the OZ officers around (who are wearing space suits). Heero and Duo escape.

The episode ends on a shot of Zechs shooting off into space.
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