Mobile Suit Gundam Wing

Season 1 Episode 12

Bewildered Warriors

Aired Weekdays 5:30 PM Mar 21, 2000 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

The first scene of this episode shows Heero lying in a strange bed. He wakes up and sees a girl sitting close by. Is it Relena? He thinks it is but quickly the girl's form turns to Catherine's likeness. Catherine is elated that Heero has woken up and calls to Trowa to come see. Trowa enters the scene and he and Heero talk a while about how Heero has been unconscious for a full month and how OZ is coming under greater and greater control of the Earth.

We then cut to see Major Sally firing against OZ soldiers. She is running and shooting, then jumps into a car and takes off. Moments later an explosion rocks the area. She then speaks into a mike that her mission is accomplished.

We switch to a new character named Colonel Bund. He wakes up to an alarm - there has been another guerrilla attack (the one we just saw performed by Major Sally). We then switch to some back story - Colonel Bund was a Federation officer that took control of the region a long time ago and remains in control. Now that OZ has destroyed much of the Federation, the region's peoples have begun uprising against the Colonel's rule.

The Colonel sends out mobile suits to finish Sally and her men off once and for all. They have the group cornered when Chang Wufei and his Gundam jump onto the scene. Chang fends them off with ease. Later on, the next day, Chang and Sally are driving to town to get the troops some food. They load up a truck with food stuffs and are prepared to leave when they hear a fracas.

They turn and see that some of Colonel Bund's men are harassing a shop keeper. Sally rushes in to defend him but is eventually knocked down. Chang comes to fight and repels the men. Chang then, being mentally conflicted, jumps into a canoe and drifts off - he is still bothered that he couldn't defeat Treize and doesn't think himself worthy to fight.

We turn to a meeting Colonel Bund is having with his head officers. They have located the area where the guerrillas are stationed but are afraid of the Gundam. The Colonel suggests calling to OZ for help but one of his top officers, a Major Nagaki, is vehemently against it - it would make the nation look incompetent and jeopardize its independence. Bund finally agrees.

We switch to Sally's base - it is under attack! Chang's Gundam is standing there inactive, Chang is no where in sight. Colonel Bund's forces are closing in, with everything going well. All of a sudden, OZ forces arrive on the scene and begin to blast at Bund's men.

Major Nagaki calls to Bund, exclaiming at what is going on. Colonel Bund says that OZ is on their side and that they will take control of the area, making Bund the head of state. Major Nagaki is enraged - Bund is selling out their independent country to OZ for personal gain. Major Nagaki dies a few moments later from an OZ attack.

Chang Wufei runs to the scene but he does not want to fight. Two of Sally's men die in trying to convince him to and then Sally herself puts her life on the line to "wake" Chang up to arms. Chang finally boards the Gundam and destroys all of the OZ forces around and then destroys Colonel Bund's helicopter, with Bund inside.

The next morning, Sally tells Chang about the strength of heart. Chang believes himself to be weak though he might possess a strong heart. Chang smiles.

We go back to the circus. The circus master informs all the workers that he has a special surprise for them - they have been invited to perform at an OZ base. He wants to do something spectacular for the OZ soldiers. Trowa speaks out - telling the circus master to let him take care of everything. Because Trowa hardly ever speaks, the circus master agrees.

The last scene shows a close-up of Trowa's face. He wants to make the show for OZ his last performance.