Mobile Suit Gundam Wing

Season 1 Episode 41

Crossfire at Barge

Aired Weekdays 5:30 PM May 01, 2000 on Cartoon Network

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  • Barge prepares for the Battle over Space. Noin is unsure of why Zechs has chosen this path. The Gundam team band together, while Treize takes control of Oz. Barge is destroyed and White Fang takes control of space.

    My favorite episode, along with the new beginning, which is awesome, really sets you up for the intense first few scenes, which had to be another one of my favorite nerve wracking scene. 3...2...1.. and the battle begins between the "poorly ready Oz" and White Fang. This is a battle Oz could not afford to lose, or they wouldn't have a foot hold in space. Heero decideds to follow his enemy to space, and Sally Po reunites the Gundam with a fighter, a sure way to get it to Trowa.
    Treize's scheme for world peace begins. Treize asks Relena to resign. Relena is still clueless to how her brother thinks and how peace can be attained.(Maybe some spoilers) I personally think, Treize new of the assult that was to take place on Barge, and would have made sure to prepare for it. But, Barge had to be destroyed so there would be two equals ,one for Earth and one for Space, and a war could truly start. Treize allowed Romefeller to grow weak, unite the world (with help from Queen Relena), and spread themselves to thin, which caused Barged to be under equipped. The Gundams couldn't even stop what had to happen.
    And Zechs has to play the bad guy.