Mobile Suit Gundam Wing

Season 1 Episode 23

Duo, the God of Death Once Again

Aired Weekdays 5:30 PM Apr 05, 2000 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

This episode begins with a shot of Sally Poe scouring the ocean depths for Heero's Gundam (which he hid there before going into space). Sally and her crew of former Federation soldiers come upon the Gundam and sieze it (though they have to battle with some OZ forces as well).

We're off to the moon. On the base there the scientists are feverishly working under Tubarov's watchful eye. Tubarov informs one of the scientists to throw away some Gundam parts. The scientist agrees and takes them to another Gundam scientist who is secretely repairing and updgrading Duo and Chang Wufei's Gundams.

We switch to some political proceedings. Zechs is talking with one of the colonies that has sided with OZ. The colonies don't like OZ but are more afraid of anti-OZ groups (such as the one led by Sally). Furthermore, the colony leaders were told that the Gundam scientists have all been executed (a blatant lie).

We meet a new character in the next scene. A young OZ recruiter named Hilda. She joined OZ as a colonist and encourages Duo to sign up as well. Duo laughs and accepts her invitation. Duo arrives at a military airport of some sort to get to the moon and presents some falsified papers to get past security. The security is quite lax and accepts Duo's papers. As Duo is about to board a ship to leave, Hilde recognizes him and asks to see his papers again. Duo says that they're "perfect...perfect fakes!" and then knocks Hilde to the ground. He then jumps inside a Leo and takes off. Hilde takes off after him and the two fight (though Duo doesn't want to fight her - they're fighting for the same goal: peace for the colonies). A sudden blast by other OZ soldiers sends Duo injured into space.

The next scene shows Duo aboard a space shuttle, hand-cuffed to a seat in a small interrogation room. Hilde questions him on his motives and they talk for a little bit. Hilde then leaves the room and an explosion follows. Hilde runs back and sees that Duo has escaped from the ship in a badly damaged Leo.

Duo comes under heavy Taurus fire and crash-lands on the moon. He is happy to finally be on the moon but knows that his death is only a matter of time. Fortuitously, one of the Taurus units mysteriously explodes. Hilde is helping Duo now! Hilde blasts open the moon base's entrance, giving Duo the chance to get in (what luck - the entire surface of the moon and Duo lands on the perfect spot). Hilde's superiors scold her for her actions which one said will have severe consequences for her.

The episode ends with Trowa and Lady Une. The two have become quite close it seems. Trowa tells her that Milliardo Peacecraft was safely escorted home. Lady Une then says that they will have to battle Zechs again in the future. She also takes off her glasses and says that she will do whatever she can do guide the world toward Treize's ideals.