Mobile Suit Gundam Wing

Season 1 Episode 23

Duo, the God of Death Once Again

Aired Weekdays 5:30 PM Apr 05, 2000 on Cartoon Network



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    • Duo: (In his cell after being beaten) When they were doing me over they could've been more gentle...

    • (Heero and Wufei have both been captured)
      Wufei: We're headed to the Lunar Base. Are they using us as test pilots for the new models?
      Heero: Maybe a target for them. Even OZ admits we're pretty lively.

    • (After Heero sets off several bombs to cover his and Duo's escape)
      Duo: (Sirens in the background) Why is it always the quiet guys that end up doing things the flashiest way?

    • (Duo is thrown into the cell ruthlessly after being captured and beaten.)
      Heero: (From the shadows) Botched your mission?

    • Duo: (Twirling handcuffs around his finger) And now, the getaway!

    • Narrator: In the year After Colony 175, the leader of the colonies was assassinated. Five Gundams were supposed to have been sent to Earth to take revenge. However, since OZ's activities in space took the form of cooperation rather than control, the colonies decided to accept OZ. In the year After Colony 195, as OZ moved to take over both the Earth and outer space, The Gundams are labeled as rebels and are isolated from society. With no place to return, the Gundams and their pilots are forced to fight for a reason to exist in the ever changing world.

    • Duo: Just watch me. I'll become the God of Death once again! But right now…I need some sleep.

    • Hilde: Why don't you think of me as an enemy? I'll never let you destroy the Lunar Base.
      Duo: I hate to say this, but you don't have the skills to be my enemy. So it's foolish for someone like you to even bother risking your life against me. But you know, you remind me of just how reckless I was when I went down to the Earth to fight all on my own.
      Hilde: Don't patronize me!
      Duo: In fact, we're both foolish. A soldier can get killed at any time. We'll see lots of friends in the colony lose their lives. Let's just live out our lives believing in the paths we've chosen. You've got to be at least that foolish to make it as a soldier.

    • Master O: It wouldn't hurt as much if you screamed you know.
      Duo: Yeah, but mama told me real men never scream out loud.

    • Professor G: Who's there?
      Duo: The God of Death!

    • Duo: You're so intense, it makes me sick.

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