Mobile Suit Gundam Wing

Season 1 Episode 3

Five Gundams Confirmed

Aired Weekdays 5:30 PM Mar 08, 2000 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

The episode begins with Treize Kushrenada speaking to Lieutenant Zechs outdoors at his Persian estate via videophone. While Kushrenada shoots targets, Zechs tells his superior that he believes the next target of a Gundam attack to be the Mediterranean Sea-area Leo Manufacturing Plant. Treize decides that they might as well let the attack proceed without hindering them, as the area is valuable to the Alliance, and anything bad for the Alliance is good for Oz, in most cases. Treize also catches his friend off guard by suggesting that he proceed to the battleground to join in, seeing as how the desire to do so is written all over Zechs face, or so the wily Oz commander says. Treize instructs Zechs to take out the Gundams during the battle, and so ends the communication.

The next scene takes place within an Oz submarine, on which resides Zechs Merquise. He is musing to a fellow officer about how strong the Gundam must be, to take out the newly-developed Cancer Mobile Suit while injured, no less. Zechs then decides that the Gundams, rumored to be five in number but unconfirmed, have caused too much destruction, and that their intent and verification of the existence of the five must be discovered. He decides to leave this to the Alliance Marina.

Meanwhile, Zechs realizes that the Gundams have long-since escaped the ocean, an idea thought impossible by the Alliance. An Alliance carrier then docks with the submarine at the ocean surface.

The scene then cuts to an Alliance medical research facility, where Heero is detained and watched over by a multitude of doctors, regularly monitoring his vital signs after his incident in the previous episode where he nearly died attempting to destroy his own Gundam. Heero finally regains consciousness on the table, realizing that he has been captured. He then somehow recalls his location to be a treatment room on the 50th floor of the Alliance No. 3 Medical Building in the JAP area. The person in charge of Heero's recuperation, Major Sally, then receives a call from a staffer on a lower level. His cryptic message is that a disk, being carried by Heero when he arrived, is fool-proof, the codes unable to be broken by the powerful Alliance mainframe. She rebukes the claim of Heero to be an intelligence officer of the rebels by her subordinate, and then looks over Heero's medical records. She says that, despite the fact he has over 200 broken bones and bruises from his ordeal, the only visible one is the wound from the bullet. It is obvious that this isn't any ordinary kid. The doctor with Sally then suggests using truth serum to get some answers out of the boy. She refuses, stating that something like that will kill someone of his age.

Meanwhile, the scene cuts to Duo Maxwell on a public phone, arranging supplies to be given to him by a local farmer in exchange for thrashing the wheat of his fields. He is outside the medical building, and decides to head in to go see Heero.

At the same time, Zechs is trailing a foreign object in his carrier. According to him, the object is slow, not specialized in flying. The officers realize that by it's movement, it realizes that it is being followed, and that the same unit was seen once before in the Yangtzee River area. Zechs then goes on to explain that the Gundams are each different from one another not only physically, but also in fighting style. He also believes that they will see a Gundam at the Corsica Base in the Mediterranean very soon, which he hopes he can destroy right then. He figures that the Gundam being pursed by them isn't heading for the Corsica front lines, but rather the Alliance offensive units. Because it will be alone in this task, he decides it can be destroyed later. The Indus Supply Base, where the Gundam is headed, can only be wished luck now, as there is nothing else that can be done.

Meanwhile, Wufei is shown blowing the crap out of the supply base. However, despite all the damage he is doing, no one is attacking him. He decides the reasoning to be that they aren't taking him seriously, an evil grin comes across his face as he thinks up a scheme to bring them to their senses.

Relena is now shown arriving at the Alliance Medical Base, wanting to see Heero. Major Sally greets Relena, wanting to know more information about Heero, "the boy she brought in". A long period of silence ensues as they both realize neither of them know much of anything about him, or at least anything that they'd want to reveal.

On the 50th floor, the bored doctor keeping watch over Heero throws a quick glance to the instruments monitoring his stats, and pronounces everything normal. Heero is now struggling to get free of the constrictive table, and is straining to do so when the closed circuit TV turns on. Who else's image would be broadcast but that of Duo, "The Destroyer". He knocked out the unalert doctor, leaving him alone with the controls to Heero's room. He declares Heero a wonderful actor, having regained consciousness without increasing his pulse or brain waves, and then announces his intention to his peer to release him for the purpose of asking him some questions that came to him after their last encounter at the Marina base.

Meanwhile, in the reception room of the hospital, Relena Dorland and Major Sally play mind games, Sally pondering the peculiar origins of Heero Yuy while Relena dismisses him as a normal kid. Sally inquires to Relena's identity, which she reveals, to Sally's surprise. She is sorry that she angered the young lass. Relena ignores her, asking impatiently to see "heero" now. Sally asks if it's even his real name, which Relena confirms, posing as his close friend in the same class.

Sally and Relena arrive at the 50th floor to discover the lack of change in Heero's condition. Upon seeing Heero, Relena angrily asks why he is tied down. Sally explains their uneasiness over the true identity of Heero and his peculiar strength, and explains that once he regains consciousness they will unbuckle him to ask him questions and let him go. Relena then realizes Heero is now part of the Alliance military, as he would not be in this position if he was. Sally then escorts Relena back downstairs.

As the two proceed down the stairways of the installation, an explosion rocks the complex. Duo, lying in wait, cuts Heero free of the buckles while the staff of the hospital runs for their lives. Sally, confused, asks Relena if she is all right, which she is. Back on the 50th floor, Duo blows a hole in the side of the hospital as he and Heero leap into the outside world through it, parachuting down to safety and freedom below. Duo opens his chute first thing they are outside. Heero, however, still dazed, continues to freefall much to Duo's horror! Relena and Sally, who rushed back upstairs after the explosion, come upon the hole in the structure and see the two boys falling. Finally, Relena's cries of seeing him plummeting to certain death snap him back into reality, and Heero opens his chute. It is too late, however, and Heero and his half-opened chute tumble down the rocky side of a seaside cliff. The velocity of the fall forces Heero onto the beach towards the surf still tumbling. However, when his body stops, Heero rises to his feet, nearly unscathed. Sally is amazed by this and hopes he is not their enemy. Heero curses himself for opening his chute. Duo, who has now landed, approaches him, telling Heero that if he wants to commit suicide, he should do it another way, and that he should put his trust in Duo, as he is the only thing resembling a friend he has right now. The shot cuts to a fishing boat passing nearby the shore.

Meanwhile, at the Corsica Leo Mobile Suit Production Facility, production is back up to speed after experiencing a setback at the hands of an explosion a little while ago. The Middle East Special Operations Unit arrives with Lieutenant Zechs to watch over the facility and deter further attack. A ceremony announces their arrival, and the Commander in charge of the base, a certain Bonaparte, decides to show the lack of severity of the threats surrounding the complex and how insignificant the job is to "The Specials" by traveling to the ceremony in a dirigible.

A voice-over then goes on to explain the origins of the "Special Operations Mobile Suit Squadron", or "Specials". The Specials came about during the Arms Expansion of the Earth Sphere Alliance, as a crack team of Mobile Suit pilots that could handle any mission thrown their way. Despite their impressive record and pride, there were many who didn't trust the group, founded by secret Oz leader and Romafeller Foundation member Treize Kushrenada. It seems the Foundation is comprised of aristocrats and royalty who focus on ideals of tradition. Backed by the financial resources of the group, Kushrenada has focused all his attention to constructing many Mobile Suits. The Specials job has been to use these suits as well as give them to the Alliance. Recently, however, the elite pilots of the group have gotten into training the core Alliance military troops as well. Because of their pride and talent, the Specials have earned their right to only be affiliated to the main Earth Sphere Alliance, but to work separately, choosing the battles they fight in with the help of Treize Kushrenada. It is because of this that elder members of the Alliance, including Commander Bonaparte, dislike the cocky young hotshots that make up the Specials organization.

Back on the dirigible, Bonaparte explains to his second-in-command the faults of the Specials organization, ones who treat battles like an aristocratic game. He vows to proceed cautiously and avoid any unnecessary battles, in order to teach a lesson to the unit.

Meanwhile, back at the base's command post, Lieutenant Zechs is displeased after hearing news that Commander Bonaparte isn't present currently. He figures the reason to be that he dislikes him. Just then, a young officer sent to retrieve Zechs rides up on a motorbike followed by a black sedan. He is to escort the Lieutenant to the hangars of the base.

Here, the officer shows Zechs a gargantuan Gundam, apparently the prototype. Zechs is amazed by the size. The young officer explains that when he heard Zechs talking about the Gundams, it reminded him of this outdated Mobile Suit, now considered an artifact by the Alliance. The man figures this is the closest thing to a Gundam the military has, and that the reason it is so large is because anything smaller couldn't successfully contain the same power. He recalls the name of the Suit to be Tallgeese. Zechs realizes that, if restored, this Mobile Suit could hold it's own, or maybe even defeat a Gundam in battle! He tells Zechs to take the Gundam from the hangar. Zechs is surprised by the young officer's (who's name is Walker) bravery, who expects to die in battle against the Gundams.

Back at the base, Commander Bonaparte takes off in his zepplin, despite arguments by Walker, who knows that the enemy is on their way, even though they aren't there yet. However, they are both wrong, as a report comes through that the perimeter of the base has been attacked. As Zechs loads the Tallgeese onto his personal carrier, he realizes what is going on.

Meanwhile, the Gundam pilots minus Wufei attack the installation, slaughtering any enemy that crosses their path. The first to arrive on the scene is Trowa Barton in Heavyarms. Walker sees the Gundam, and commands the Specials unit to take him out.

Trowa is absolutely annihilating the base, taking out everything in sight. Commander Bonaparte's dirigible comes under fire, even. The crew on the ship panics, thinking that a landing would be the best option. Bonaparte, however, believes that because only 1 Gundam is currently present, every troop on the base should surround him and have at it. Trowa realizes what is going on, and admits that, although the Commander technically had the right idea, he was wrong in that he didn't consider the power of the Gundam first.

On the dirigible, Bonaparte is horrified that he made such a large miscalculation in the enemies power as he watches his troops slaughtered. The Specials then decide to assist the blimp in retreat of the premises before concentrating all units on the Gundam at hand. The commander questions their orders, however, Walker explains that, due to a lack of troops and the strength of the enemy, the Specials unit is going to be wiped out. However, should Bonaparte escape, he can protect the factories which will provide Mobile Suits for the soldiers of the future. Finally, at that moment, the Commander realizes that the Specials pilots are not cocky hotshots, but in reality passionate soldiers. The Specials Unit then proceeds to confront the Gundam.

Back at the hangar, the Tallgeese has been loaded onto Zechs' transport. Once he hears of Bonaparte's safety, he decides to depart the premises immediately. His second-in-command, Otto, wishes to go back to the battle in a Leo, but Zechs asks him to stay, telling him he needs his help in protecting the Tallgeese.

Back at the battlefield, Heavyarms is crushing the Specials, when suddenly, he runs out of ammunition. It's all good, though, when Quatre and his rebel faction show up and make quick work of the Specials with a surprise attack. The two Gundams confront each other, the first time either has seen another Gundam on Earth. The rebels assess Heavyarms' power, telling Quatre that he is out of bullets. Quatre then realizes he isn't relying on bullets.

Meanwhile, Zechs, now finished with his business, takes off to Quarte's dismay. Just as the young pilot is about to go after him, Trowa attacks with his knifes. The battle is even and a stalemate when Quatre exits the pilot's cabin of his Gundam, telling Trowa to stop fighting as it isn't right. Trowa willingly exits, his hands raised in the air. Quatre tells him to put them down, as he was the first to surrender.

Out at sea, Duo and Heero salvage their Gundams from the ocean floor after Heero tried to destroy them in the last episode. After lifting Heero's out too, Duo asks for a simple "thanks" for doing the job, only to find Heero popping his knee cap back into place. Duo decides he can't take much more of Heero's non-caring attitude. Heero then limps over to his Gundam, a strange look of his face