Mobile Suit Gundam Wing

Season 1 Episode 3

Five Gundams Confirmed

Aired Weekdays 5:30 PM Mar 08, 2000 on Cartoon Network



  • Trivia

    • In episode 3, Duo is seen talking on a payphone outside the hospital where Heero is being held. Duo talks about two broke pull carts, meeting someone for lunch at the back of the wheat field and thrashing wheat later--obviously they are speaking in code. The two broke pull carts refer to the gundams and the "wheat field" being the meeting point.

    • After Heero sets his broken bone, he uses a wrench as a makeshift splint to stabilize the injury.

    • When Heero is injured, and lying on the table in the medical building his arm is bleeding. Toonami edited the blood out, but they seem to have forgotten to edit out the dripping noise from it dripping onto the floor.

  • Quotes

    • Duo: I can't take much more of this. He just goes and puts a broken bone back into place. Man! it totally grosses me out just thinking about it!

    • Quatre: You and I shouldn't be fighting each other!
      [Trowa comes out of his Gundam with his hands up] Put your hands down, I was the first one to surrender and come out remember?

    • [Heero and Duo jump off the hospital building.]
      Duo: Hey are you crazy!? Hurry up and release your parachute![Heero does not respond and continues to fall off] Move it, are you trying to kill yourself or what? Damn, I'm gonna have nightmares over this one.

    • Sally Po: Mind if I ask your name?
      Relena: No, of course not. My name is Relena Darlian.
      Sally: You're not related to the Vice-Foreign Minister by any chance are you?
      Relena: I'm his disobedient daughter!

  • Notes

    • Original Japanese Airdate: 4/21/1995

    • In the medical treatment room, the text in the background of the monitor showing Heero's skeletal structure are instructions for installing a TWAIN device in Adobe Photoshop.

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