Mobile Suit Gundam Wing

Season 1 Episode 44

Go Forth, Gundam Team

Aired Weekdays 5:30 PM May 04, 2000 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

The episode starts with Relena talking to her brother aboard the Libra. Milliardo loves Relena and wishes for her never to change but still can't follow her advice. He tells Dorothy to take her to the officers' quarters.

Back at the Peacemillion, the Gundam pilots see that a massive White Fang assault is heading their way. All the pilots but Heero board their Gundams and prepare for combat. But the White Fang mobile dolls have been programmed by Zechs to use coordinated strategies in combat, making them much more difficult to handle. The pilots eventually annihilate all the dolls but are themselves left exhausted.

In the Libra, Relena is locked in her room by Dorothy. Dorothy wanted Relena to kill Zechs but Relena wouldn't have it. Also inside the Libra, Zechs orders the Libra to head closer to Earth. The Peacemillion then approaches the Libra and Zechs does two things. The first thing he does is put Dorothy inside a simulator that lets her control the mobile dolls (this was how the mobile dolls were able to coordinate themselves). The second thing he does is board the Epyon and take off to fight.

We move to the big battle. The mobile dolls have the advantage because Dorothy is coordinating them. Things shift however when Quatre begins to direct the Gundam pilots into strategic attacks. Dorothy, frustrated, orders the Libra to fire against the Peacemillion.

The Peacemillion manages to just barely get out of the blast's range. The Libra, from having fired so abruptly, becomes badly damaged. Dorothy pouts that things aren't turning out as she wanted.

The episode ends with a shot of Relena in her room - she is determined to stop this meaningless war.
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