Mobile Suit Gundam Wing

Season 1 Episode 6

Party Night

Aired Weekdays 5:30 PM Mar 13, 2000 on Cartoon Network



  • Trivia

    • When Catherine throws her last knives, you can see that one of them was very close and that all Trowa does is break a sweat. If Catherine was right and Trowa was ready to die, then why would he sweat? And besides, we learn soon after that he would never do so. Additionally, Catherine and Trowa soon confirm that she did hit him. So we can assume that the knife must have skinned Trowa and that the drop of sweat was actually blood that was edited for the American version, thus spoiling the surrealism of the series' main characters.

  • Quotes

    • Relena: Heero, I know too much about you. Are you still gonna kill me?
      Heero: Yeah.
      Relena: I didn't want to die with no answers, but now it's different. Now I know how you feel when you fight.
      Heero: Huh?
      Relena: And that's because I'm on your side now.
      Heero: Huh? On my side?

    • Catherine: Trowa, why didn't you dodge the knife?
      Trowa: I'm not paid to dodge.

    • Catherine: Unreal! He's not afraid of anything. It's death…He's begging for his death. I don't understand. You want to die Trowa?

    • Wufei: You let the enemy penetrate a little too easily. You can only blame yourselves for poor security.

    • Relena: Are you off to fight again? Where is your next mission Heero?
      [Heero points a gun at her]
      Relena: I met Dr. J. So even you can be surprised. Ever since I met you, it's been me who keeps getting surprised by you. If you killed me now it would cause quite a commotion. I don't think that's what you really want. The school is holding a party right now. Might as well stay and enjoy it, at least until the dance is over.

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