Mobile Suit Gundam Wing

Season 1 Episode 5

Relena's Secret

Aired Weekdays 5:30 PM Mar 10, 2000 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

Relena and her father leave for a meeting in the colonies. Lady Une is on the same shuttle as them. She attempts to engage in conversation with Darlian, but he brushes her off. Darlian tells Relena to remember how beautiful the Earth is from space.

Heero gets a message from Dr. J to hit an OZ supply base.

Relena arrives at the colony. The delegate want to address rumors that the colonies are planning to wage war on Earth. Lady Une tries to sit in on the meeting, but is asked to leave. She leaves an explosive device disguised as a mirror outside the door. Relena comes to let Darlian know she's going shopping, and notices the device. Relena runs after Lady Une with the device and gives it back. Lady Une throws it through a window, and it explodes.

Relena runs back to the conference room. Darlian is the only survivor. Rebels take him and Relena. They escape in an armored vehicle. They give Relena an injection to knock her out. Darlian tells Relena that she's not his daughter, that she's really Relena Peacecraft, daughter of the Peacecrafts of the pacifist Sanc Kingdom. He dies, but not before warning her about OZ. Relena is heartbroken, but soon falls asleep due to the drug.

Howard, a Sweeper, tells Duo that his Deathscythe is all repaired, just in time for his next mission. Trowa leaves Quatre's desert encampment. When Quatre asks his name, Trowa says he has no name, but to call him Trowa Barton. Wufei sneaks onto an OZ ship. Heero leaves for his mission.

Zechs explains to Noin about the advanced Tallgeese.

Back at the colony, Relena wakes up. On a television broadcast, Lady Une calls the assassination/kidnap a terrorist action by the colony rebels. One of the rebels tries to comfort Relena. She grabs his gun and threatens to shoot them for lying to her and for letting her father die. Dr. J comes in just as she says Heero's name.

Noin realizes that Zechs is worried about Relena.

Heero attacks his target.

As Relena and Dr. J go to a space port, Dr. J tells her about the martyr of the space colonies, Heero Yuy. He also warns her about Heero (the gundam pilot) and tells her to stay away from him if she values her life.

Duo shows up at the same place as Heero. It seems that they will start fighting each other. Heero aims his buster rifle at Duo, then shoots down a Leo that's about to attack the Deathscythe. He then flies off, saying they're even. This aggravates Duo even more.
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