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  • One of my favourite additions to the Gundam franchise.

    This incrnation of Gundam is set in a world where humanity exists not only on earth but also in various independdent space colonies. but the existance of these colonies is threatened by the earth governement. As such the colonies recruit five young men and equip them with very advanced mobile suits to fight against the earth government and protect the colonies.

    This was the first Gundam I ever watched and is still one of the best. It has a lot of politics in it even for a Gundam but somehow that works really well and makes the whole thing very enjoyable. As des the fantastic MS battles.
  • A staple in the Gundam franchise, this was badass back in the day. And when compared to the more recent Gundam versions, it's actually quite a bit better.

    Gundam Wing is one of those shows that you look back on today and realize just how kickass it was. Excellent animation for its time, great characterization, and a very well thought-out war story.

    The story can be a tad hard to follow, but it's very rewarding and has enough twists to make even the most diehard TV watchers go "HOLY ****" at some point.

    The combat, however, is where Gundam Wing's strongest point is, and it delivers in spades. From mecha fights, to gun combat, to even a couple of sword bouts, this one is a great show of conflict.

    The characters, which include the legendary Heero Yuy, Duo Maxwell, Treize Khushrenada, and Zechs Merquise (this series' Char Aznable), are all very well-acted and thought out. Fans of the Gundam franchise may prefer characters like Ray Amuro or Char Aznable, but I like this cast all the same.

    If you're a mecha fan, you should watch this. And even if you aren't, try it out. You won't be disappointed.
  • An awesome Gundam series!

    Personally, I really like this show. In my mind this is the third best Gundam series behind SEED and SEED Destiny. This is definetely the best old-school Gundam show. This show is about Heero Yuy, a secretive, tough Gundam pilot who one day, descends to Earth while doing a mission to destroy OZ. Reelena finds Heero on the beach, Heero runs away in an ambulance. While at school, Heero threatens to kill Reelena after she gives him an invitation to her birthday party. Heero meets the other Gundam pilots: Duo, Wu-Fei, Trowa, and Quetra. The dialogue inn this show ROCKS! The many exciting missions and sorrowful moments will keep you hooked on the series. The characters are awesome! I like all of the characters in the show except for Col. Un in her military uniform. She is a *bop* in her uniform. The music in this show rocks! I like the opening theme "Just Communication." Overall, best old-school Gundam; third best Gundam overall, exciting dialogue, memorable characters, except for Col. Un hahahahaha, awesome music, and an instant classic. I wish that Cartoon Network would put this show back on TV. In my mind with this show, along with Gundam SEED, Time Squad, Ruruoni Kenshin, Yu Yu Hakusho, Sailor Moon, The Powerpuff Girls, Hamtaro, and Dexter's Labortory I think Cartoon Network will be ressurrected from the ashes below.
  • Everything a Kid regardless of age could want

    This show will always hold a place in my childhood memories as being one of the best, coolest, funniests, and most violent show i was allowed to watch when i was 8. You have big giant machines, guns, lasers, lightsabers, human hand held guns, martial arts scenes, everything that guys like in high school.

    Although you don't have to know the story to enjoy the fight scenes, the story is somewhat immersive, and believable in futuristic sense. Politics play a big part in the show, as do real life problems. Really the only reason anyone watched at the time, was to see giant robots beat each other up, and i think i might go watch one right now.
  • Man has moved into space on huge vessels called 'coloney's' but with people moving to space and staying on earth a war erupts over who should control space and earth, its up to 5 young mobile suit pilots to bring an end to this war.

    Another series in the gundam universe but for me it is by far the best, with unique mobile suits, sturdy story lines and rock solid characters, you could ask for much more.

    Sure the animation may be a little out of date but all the essentials and more are still there today.

    The mobile suits [giant mechs] that are used as ultimate weapons to fight the war are mainly controlled by the earth forces, who in turn are surpressing the colony forces and keeping resistance to a minimum.. that is untill the gundams arrive.. mobile suits vastly stronger than any seen before appear to fight the war for the under dog.

    Now if youve watched gundam before you probably know the underlying morals and story but this series takes a while new twist to it, with its own take on war and it includes a whole new set of mobile suits not seen before.

    Wing is the second anime i ever watched, DBZ being the first, and i have to say im still gripped now as i was back then, the replayability of the series is amazing, even now with gundam 00 on show [pretty much a modern re-tale of wing] it still stands its ground as one of the best gundam titles and one of the best anime titles.
  • I very well enjoyed this show!

    I don't really write reviews very often, but I've got to say this show had some great potential. I never got into it when i was younger, infact I barely watched anime cartoons.

    I started watching this show about 4 months ago, and I got to tell ya, I still want to see more! When I first layed eyes on it, I didn't really wanna give it a chance, but the show builds up. It gets you into these characters lifes, It makes you like'em. sure it has a somewhat slow beginning, but after that you should fall in love with anime! i mean you should be more open to more shows in this genre.

    I really hope you listen to my opinion, and give it a go

    I also recommend you to watch a few other shows if you enjoy it.

    Ninja Scroll
    Elfen Lied
    Fullmetal Panic!


    Tales of Symphonia

    These are other great shows that I enjoyed, so if you feel the same as me about Gundam Wing than give some these other great shows a try!

    Thank you for reading to What i have to offer, Jason
  • I can't get enough of this show.

    Gundam Wing is one of my most favorite anime out there,and its my favorite Gundam Series of all time. I could watch Gundam wing all day if I had too. I just never get sick of this show. I remember days when I would come and watch the new episode on Toonami. That was of course when Toonami showed quality shows. I like the animation of Gundam Wing,even though it is a 90's anime. I think it was ahead of its time a little comparing it too other anime its time. I love the music in the show. My favorite Gundam was the Death Scythe Gundam and its pilot Duo. Gundam Wing is one of my favorite anime of all time.
  • I don't watch anime anymore, but I still return to this.

    No matter how many times I stop watching Gundam Wing, I always come back to it. It's been a childhood love that I come back to every 4 years or so. I watched it when I was 11 and it was on Toonami late at night and now I'm 19 and I still love it. I can only hope I still love it when I'm 23 but I think I will.

    The thought of the weight of war resting on the shoulders of a group of 5 young men, boys really but they act so much older than they really are, is fascinating, the animation is superb and the story is compelling. Even if you don't like anime, this is a great series.
  • a story fo humanity with cool machines...

    This is one of the best shows that i had ever watched it had the best stor. I love all the action that it had ever sceen it was way ahead of its time and I dont think it is beeing appreaceated untill know . So the basic over view of most of the seasons was there were two sides the good and evil, will untill Gundam seed but that is a diffrent story for another time so most of the time most of the good guys were out numberd and had to defeat un-thinkable odds but now matter what they always wre a team aand there ware all way the ones who came out on top and who saved the day and the plant....sorry about the bad typing I am just a little tired untill nest time Narutofan32t out
  • This serie was one of the ones that made America fall in love with Anime-

    To tell you the truth, this anime means a lot to me. Before Gundam Wing even crossed my existence, I never was really into the whole anime thing. I saw my first episode which was Episode 45, by that time, I knew I was hooked. Even though the show was about to tend, I kept trying to watch all reruns and well I was a fan.

    Duofan? Rings a bell?

    Anyways towards the review, the story of this Gundam Series was very good, the whole manner, personalities, acts and the plot against the pilots were so amazing. I loved how the show's creators were able to keep me in suspense and attract me to each and one of those pilots.

    This show also had as strong cast of female characters; Catherine, Noin, Sally, Hilde, Dorothy and of course Relena.

    Words can not even express any other ideas or feeling I have towards this show. All those traitorous acts, the drama, the character relationships, original Mechas and those ideas the show tried to convey, will be etched in my mind as long as I have a passion for anime.
  • An excellent show for the Gundam series. A group of young pilots from space are sent down to the earth. Their purpose is unknown but they control the Gundams, Mobile Suits of unparalleled strength and durability.

    The show has 49 episodes and each one is filled with action packed battles between the Gundams and their enemy, the military organization OZ as well as other enemies that pop up to oppose them. They represent the disagreement between the Earth and the Space Colonies.

    I appreciate this show because it reminds me of other shows where giant machines fight each other. One notable example is Escaflowne. As well there are other shows that are all part of the Gundam Series. Each has an intense and interesting storyline and struggles between powerful groups.

    The Gundams are near legendary as they are so powerful and so hard to destroy.
  • Gundam Wing was the first show I really watched in detail ever in my life.

    Gundam Wing was the third Anime series I have ever watched (Sailor Moon the first and Dragon Ball Z the second) and one of a few that I would still return to now that I have grown up and lost interest in other or new Anime. I was only nine-years-old when I started watching Gundam Wing and... wow... did I love it. I remember coming home from school and tuning in to Gundam Wing, at 5:30 P.M., at channel sixty-seven, on Cartoon Network, on Toonami. Now that I am seventeen-years-old, I do not watch cartoons nor Anime anymore. I do not plan to buy Sailor Moon nor DBZ on DVD but I did buy GW. I do not even bother watching Cartoon Network (now my favorite channel is HBO). My point is that Gundam Wing stands out as one of the best Anime series of all time and older people or people who do not even watch Anime can still love it. It has a lot of replay value. I am still in love with it: the story, the characters, and of course, the mobile suits (Wing Zero being my favorite). In my opinion, these are the best designed mobile suits ever created for a Gundam series. I look at the mobile suits of the other Gundam series and not one appeals to me... not even Gundam Seed. I even bought the model kits. lol Now, after nearly eight years, I am still here and am still in love with Gundam Wing.
  • AC 195: Humankind has taken leaps and bounds technologically and has succeeded in expanded civilization into outerspace. Nevertheless, humanity has failed to evolve past its affinity for war. As a result,5 young men are sent to earth in mobile suits.

    MobileSuit Gundam Wing is easily the best anime I have ever watched. Unlike many action/mecha shows, GW moves beyond a simple story and flashy well-executed anime action and provides the viewer with a philosophical and idealistic challenge. Set in a futuristic era, the GW universe exists in a time when the earth sphere is governed by despotic regimes. Throughout the show, the powers that be are challenged by numerous factions toting the ideals and rationalizations leading to shifts in the balance of power reminiscent of the upheavals of our own Modern European History. Rather than just being about war, GW focuses on the politics of war, gaining public favor and creating a new world. Against this backdrop, the main characters themselves lend their own complexity to the storyline. The main protagonists of the show, are, of course the five Gundam pilots-Heero Yuy, Duo Maxwell, Trowa Barton, Quatre R. Winner and Chang WuFei. These fifteen year-old pilots serve to embody the youth and purity that should guide a changing era. Despite their own flaws, mistakes and the blood that stains their hands as soldiers, these pilots profoundly touch the lives of those they meet throughout the show while they themselves struggle to find their own paths. The next main character is Relena Peacecraft, the spoiled, one-dimensional and weak daughter of the Vice Foreign Minister. However, after her meeting with Heero Yuy, her father's assassination and finding out her true identity, Relena finds her own strength and raises her voice as she defines her own hopes for the future of humanity. Relena, while lacking the extraordinary abilities of the Gundam pilots, represents the strength and hope for mankind to move away from its bloody war torn history.

    The last main characters, are the antagonists-Zechs Marquis and Treize Kushrenada. These two are perhaps the most well-crafted characters in the series. Unlike many stories where the villains are purely motivated by greed and an evil nature, the antagonists of Gundam Wing are as human and strong as the Gundam pilots themselves. At their core, these characters are also good people who hope to build a new era of peace. Despite employing tactics that often sacrifice lives, these older characters are jaded by the way things work in reality and are forced to craft a new world with actions rather than words and idealism. The genius of these characters is that they are not evil-they demonstrate that even the enemy has his reasons, his beliefs that he is doing what is right for himself and his country.

    Overall, GW is a well thought-out series that is believable despite being set in a fantastical world. It leaves a message that resonates with the viewer, a message that may be well needed in the times we live in. GW is the hopeful story of the last bloody conflict in mankind's history-the last conflict before humanity evolves past the need for war and bloodshed.

    This was my favorite show when I was little and is one of my favorite shows. This is the best gundam seris that they made, it would be really cool if they aired this again. g u n d a m w i n g k i c k s m a j o r a s s. I would like to meet the man who created this cause he must be a guiness. y d o e s t h i s h a v e t o b e 1 0 0 w o r d s ?
  • The best animation/storyline I have seen in a while.Worth watching!!

    The good parts of this show are how they explain everything about why some people moved to the colonies and started a war with the earth forces.Another good parts are how detailed every single Gundam A.K.A Mobile Suits are,compared to many of the other series.I really like there storyline because it has emotion,love,action(plenty of that),and they had some what drama(but rarely).

    Even how great this show is I did have some things i didn't like about it like how it was to short and didn't get further into explaining everyones past.The last thing I didn't like was how one person could just whoop on all of the mobile suits like it was nothing but Heero had to work for it though.
  • A really good anime that not just gundam fans should watch

    When I first saw Gundam Wing when I was about 10 years old, I liked it, but there were a lot of things I did not understand, like some of the political side to it, and also many people my age just watched it for the fighting! In the last few months however I have started to watch anime that I used to watch when I was younger again, and decided to watch this show again. Now I have done this, I can now clearly see what a top class anime this is.

    Good points about Gundam Wing is that each episode continues the plot, unlike a lot of other anime out there, apart from the two flashback episodes, but as that was due to the head writer walking out, so I cannot really mark them down for that.

    Some thing I do not like is that the White Fang suddenly appear, they are not gradually introduced like the other organizations in the show. I also dislike the fact that Milliardo Peacecraft also joins the White Fang so suddenly without virtually no persuasion.

    I recommend all anime fans who have not seen this to watch it, and also those who last saw it when they were a kid to go back and watch it again.
  • This show was awsome

    This was an all time classic this show was the best for toonami it had everything This show will always be my favortie gundam. lo lo lo lol olo lol ol o llo lol olo l o llo l o lo llo o l olo l ol ool o l o ll o lo l ol o lo l o lo l ol ol o lol o lo lo ololo ol l lo ol l oll ol olo lo l ol l o ol olol ollo ol ol ol ol oll ool lo ol ol lo ol ol l ol
  • One of my all-time favorite animes!!!

    Gundam Wing is my favorite Gundam series by far! I watched this show everyday back when it was on Cartoonnetwork. Without this show I don't if I would have ever got into anime. I loved the battles in this show. My favorite Gundam was the Gundam Death Scythe Hell piloted by Duo Maxwell. One of the other reasons why liked it was cause of the Giant Robots. What kid 8-10 yrs old didn't like Giant Robots.None. When this show ended I was very disapointed,but recently I started to watch this show again online.Gundam Wing is the best Gundam series ever I recommend if u haven't seen it in a long time go online,and find it and watch it.
  • Classic anime.

    5 Gundams, 5 Pilots on a mission to save their world.
    This was the first anime I ever truly got into. It had pretty much everything a strapping, young lass could ever want. Interesting characters, explosions, giant robots, explosions, politics, explosions, humour, adventure and most importantly, explosions. Gundam Wing is set in the fictional future of AC (After Colony) 196 where space has become the new home for most of mankind. People live in space stations known as colonies spread throughout the galaxy.
    When trouble arises between the relations of Earth and the Colonies, 5 incredible suits of armour are built called Gundams and 5 young men are choosen and trained to pilot them.
    Heero - A stoic young man who's life is a mission.
    Duo - The Shinigami pilot who provides some comic relief.
    Trowa - A mysterious person who past is unknown.
    Quatre - The heart of the group.
    and Wufei - The warrior who values justice and honour above all else.
    Each pilot has their own Gundam which are just as varied as the men themselves.
    I would reccommend this series and it's follow up movie to anyone who likes classic anime, especially one's with giant robots. But if you really don't like politics, it may drag for you in some episodes but hey there's plenty of battle scenes to be had as well.
  • This show was the base of all the gundam series this was the one to watch.

    This is was the most popular gundam series for a reason, this show is awsome. This is the show that made me get into the gundam series. This set the goal of how gundam series should set their limits. This show just wowed the **** out of me. If this was the only anime out their then i would totally love this show but since they cut this off the air for all the new anime out there i never get to see this show. If your a person who wants to actually see a gundam series i recommend you to watch this one because it will blow your mind.
  • It's almost as old as me, but it's still my favorite Gundam series.

    Easily the best Gundam series I've ever seen. I like G Gundam too, but this series is easily better. What makes this series so good is that in several other Gundam series there's only one hero with a Gundam as opposed to the five (or six if you count Zechs) in this series. That and it's about a war. Who doesn't love a series with a war using giant mechs. Seeing as the series was also good enough to get a movie helps too. Plus there are so many different Gundams. Counting the custom versions from the movie, there were 16 gundams in the series. That's pretty good considering there were only six pilots for them. Fantastic series. Definately worth watching. The DVD's aer well worth buying if you have the money. You just can't beat a (semi)classic series like this. If only there was another gundam series that was this good. Oh well, at least we have this magnificent piece of work.
  • While the meeting with a young boy change the fate of a girl? Yes it will, specially when giant robots are concerned. What happens in a world where some live in space and others in earth? Find out...

    This show is a classic. It has a balance of storyline and battles and remains enjoyable. This show features great battles, and overall is good. Each character adds to the story, but the show does not really venture into the past of the characters. So perhaps the watcher will not associate that much to the characters. There appears to be no "lead" character, though the story does revolve around Relena and Heero and into the lives of the other four pilots. Sone of the characters are unique and funny at times. All this show needs is some relationships, and perhaps couples. Overall the show is enjoyable and does not drag on jump the shark", so one does not get tired of it.
  • When the government of earth has become oppressive, five revolutionaries build five robotic Gundams, and plans to send them to earth to begin the fight for peace and independence. These Robots are piloted by five young men who have to win at all cost!

    I've ever seen on television. I have watched the entire show through at least twice, and some episodes I have seen more than a dozen times (Portrait of a Ruined Country and The Gundam They Called Zero are two of my favorites). This show is all about three things.

    First and foremost, Gundam Wing is about the politics of war. There are so many plot twists that if you miss a single episode you may get completely lost. What starts out looking like your average show (good guys fight bad guys, good guys beat bad guys, repeat) quickly changes. Within the first 10 episodes, the main character will try to attack innocent people, the world government will be overthrown, and our heroes will start to wonder who exactly their enemy is. As the series goes on, things just get more and more complicated as military organizations are created, destroyed, and double crossed.

    The second thing this series is all about is action. In every episode there will be Mech battles, and some of them are truly spectacular. Every once in a while, one of the Gundams will do something so cool, the moment just leaves you thinking "Whoa." And as the series goes on, the battles get more and more complex, and more and more heated.

    But the third thing this series has going for it is character development. Treize Kushrenada is my idea of what would happen if James Bond became the leader of Spectre. Is he really evil, or just misunderstood? He eventually finds himself an outdated dinosaur, clinging to ideals that have becomes outdated with the times. Lady Une is one of the best examples of a person with split personalities I've ever seen. At first you hate her, but as you come to understand why she does what she does, you actually come to feel sorry for her.

    This series has many great characters played by great voice-actors. Heero is great. Relena is solid. Even Hildi and Noin are great. But my two favorite characters in the series have got to be Dororthy and Zechs. Dorathy plays every scene with a perfect hint of sarcasm that constantly keeps you guessing if she's being sincere, or laughing inside at someone's actions. And then there is Zechs Marquise...

    In the English version of Gundam Wing, Brian Drummond gives the single greatest piece of voice-acting I've ever seen in my life. He is PERFECT as Zechs Marquise. Zechs is a complex character. And I really feel that's he's the one that holds the series together. He's 19 year old who talks with an icy voice. He's ALWAYS serious. The only thing that matters to him is honor. And in his quest to do the right thing, he is forced to betray his friends, protect his family, come close to death, and even kill his own men. But like a tragic hero out of a Shakespearian tragedy, he is trapped by his actions. Never doing nothing, and never quite taking enough action, he lets a bad situation escalate until it's completely out of control and he's completely lost his mind (or has he?). Zechs is the perfect tragic hero/villain (depending on your point of view).

    Some have complained about the animation in this show, but personally I love it. The watercolor style backgrounds and excellent Mecha designs are a winning combo in my book. I also really love the music.

    If you love a complex political drama with great action and characterization, you owe it to yourself to give Gundam Wing a try. If you still have doubts, search the net and download the long toonami promo (the best promo or trailer I have ever seen for anything). Suit up!
  • great t.v show-- but it's aging

    let's be real here, where'er dealing with an ageing gundam series that use to be great. but isn't ageing all that well-- the voice over could be better, the artwork seems a lil' dated and the music is old, but the stoyline in sweet the charaters bring curisma and the gundams are action packed.It should be brought back but not with re-runs---it needs to be refrebished and polish to a new level, to give it it's fine wine back. also this is probly the best of the series no others can match it in the thing it acceedes in..... Classic they need to stop with the other gundams and pick this back up!
  • Good show.....

    Gundam Wing is an okay show. It's funny and all but it's kind of boring too I haven't watched many episodes but the ones I have watched I found some funny but also boring at the same time. I mean it's boring when it shows the OZ people but if it shows the Gundam Pilots (Heero, Duo, Quatre, Trowa, Chang Wufei) I do watch somwtimes. Okay. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .My favourite characters (from the Gundam Pilots) are Duo Maxwell and Quatre Winner. After that i guess it is Trowa Barton and then its either Heero Yuy or Chang Wufei...I don't know which... don't like Relina that much. I find her really annoying. I don't like any of the other characters either like Treize Khushrenada or Zechs Merquise. I don't like Catherine Bloom or that other lady with the brown hair, lipstick and glasses. She is sooooooooooooooo annoying and mean too. I HATE her. Well okay I don't like pretty much any other characters either. Like I was saying...Gundam Wing is a nice anime with a nice song (the japanese song). The english song is weird. Wing to Gundam..Wing to Gundam...Blah blah blah...I like the song in japanese song... Well the show is nice and good and funny at times but really boring.
  • A series that i wasnt going to watch at first but as soon as i started i could not stop watching it.

    Originally, i did not want to get into the gundam series at all because i thought that they were about giant robots and there would'nt be any character development or interesting themes, but a friend had recommended it to me recently and i decided to just see the first episode to see how bad it was. Before watching a series/episode i always read the review from this website to see how it was/what was it about/what was it rated etc and while watching the 1st episode i thought to myself why i hadnt watched this series before because it is a very captivating show. For the people who like deep messages this show has that, for the people who love action and especially mecha action this is probably the starting point to get into that and lastly for character development it is not as good as the mecha action and the messages but still contains good development.
  • This was a really cool Anime

    Okay, the problems with this show is that out of all the guys, only one of them actually looks like a guy. Wufei seems like a sexist, Duo reminds me of a hyper active kid, Heero is suicidal, and Trowa . . . well Trowa doesn't say much.
    Other then that? THIS ANIME RULZ!!!!
  • The best Gundam anime ever !!!!!

    This was, no it is the best Gundam anime ever made ! The anime had an extremely deep story line, with each character having their own strong individual personality that would effect the outcome of the war. Each character had experienced some sort of pain in their life. Each character also was from five different countries, showing that this war had effected the whole world. I think Toonami showed a cut and uncut version of this, I can't remember its been so long ago. I've never been able to get into any other Gundam show but this one.
  • I wish I was a Gundam pilot.

    This show is the best mech anime show ever made in the history of cartoonetwook. Gundam Wing made my user name. You can't say nothing about this show because it freaken rocks. Duo Maxwell is my favorite mech because his wepond system rocks. Duo's gundam has a wepond that looks like the grim reaper. It's crazy. This show should be on adult swim, but it cancelled like 6yrs ago blank.I love that show man.. . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . .
  • Such a great show

    What can I really say about this show that takes up a hundred words, I have no clue. BUt, I really enjoyed watfching this show. I loved the characters and their mobile suits. I loved every thing about it, even the bad dude. Right its been to long since i have seen it that remembering it is slightly hard. But I do remember some only becuase it was so enjoyable that it stayed in my head. This was one of the first anime i really liked. I just loved the story about a futurist super ppower trying to get more power and a select few fighting that power.
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