Mobile Suit Gundam Wing

Cartoon Network (ended 2000)





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  • Man has moved into space on huge vessels called 'coloney's' but with people moving to space and staying on earth a war erupts over who should control space and earth, its up to 5 young mobile suit pilots to bring an end to this war.

    Another series in the gundam universe but for me it is by far the best, with unique mobile suits, sturdy story lines and rock solid characters, you could ask for much more.

    Sure the animation may be a little out of date but all the essentials and more are still there today.

    The mobile suits [giant mechs] that are used as ultimate weapons to fight the war are mainly controlled by the earth forces, who in turn are surpressing the colony forces and keeping resistance to a minimum.. that is untill the gundams arrive.. mobile suits vastly stronger than any seen before appear to fight the war for the under dog.

    Now if youve watched gundam before you probably know the underlying morals and story but this series takes a while new twist to it, with its own take on war and it includes a whole new set of mobile suits not seen before.

    Wing is the second anime i ever watched, DBZ being the first, and i have to say im still gripped now as i was back then, the replayability of the series is amazing, even now with gundam 00 on show [pretty much a modern re-tale of wing] it still stands its ground as one of the best gundam titles and one of the best anime titles.