Mobile Suit Gundam Wing

Cartoon Network (ended 2000)





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  • An awesome Gundam series!

    Personally, I really like this show. In my mind this is the third best Gundam series behind SEED and SEED Destiny. This is definetely the best old-school Gundam show. This show is about Heero Yuy, a secretive, tough Gundam pilot who one day, descends to Earth while doing a mission to destroy OZ. Reelena finds Heero on the beach, Heero runs away in an ambulance. While at school, Heero threatens to kill Reelena after she gives him an invitation to her birthday party. Heero meets the other Gundam pilots: Duo, Wu-Fei, Trowa, and Quetra. The dialogue inn this show ROCKS! The many exciting missions and sorrowful moments will keep you hooked on the series. The characters are awesome! I like all of the characters in the show except for Col. Un in her military uniform. She is a *bop* in her uniform. The music in this show rocks! I like the opening theme "Just Communication." Overall, best old-school Gundam; third best Gundam overall, exciting dialogue, memorable characters, except for Col. Un hahahahaha, awesome music, and an instant classic. I wish that Cartoon Network would put this show back on TV. In my mind with this show, along with Gundam SEED, Time Squad, Ruruoni Kenshin, Yu Yu Hakusho, Sailor Moon, The Powerpuff Girls, Hamtaro, and Dexter's Labortory I think Cartoon Network will be ressurrected from the ashes below.