Mobile Suit Gundam Wing

Season 1 Episode 36

Sanc Kingdom's Collapse

Aired Weekdays 5:30 PM Apr 24, 2000 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

The episode begins with a group of former Federation soldiers discussing whether or not they will side with the Pro-Treize group against Romefeller. They ask Duo for advice and Duo just walks out, saying he will fight Romefeller on his own. Duo then meets up with Hilde who wants to take him somewhere "fun."

In the Sanc Kingdom, Noin addresses Relena, telling her of an impending attack by Romefeller forces. Relena says that she will not take up arms for that would go against the Sanc Kingdom's principles. Noin begs her to reconsider but her word is final. Noin goes into the Sanc Kingdom's mobile suit hangar and talks to Heero. Heero thinks that Relena's ideal isn't practical with the current state of the war.

We switch to Quatre. He is still walking in the desert until he comes in close distance of a battle between the Maganac Fighters and Romefeller. The Maganac Fighters are ecstatic to see him and take him to his Sandrock Gundam. With the help of the Gundam, the battle shifts in favor of the Maganac Fighters and they achieve victory.

It seems that Hilde has taken Duo to the circus! They are having a good time until Duo sees that Trowa is one of the clowns. Duo runs after the show to see Trowa but is shocked that he has lost his memory. Catherine tells Duo to leave, Trowa will never fight again.

In space, work continues on the Romefeller mother ship. Dermail wants the mother ship to be a symbol of strength for the new OZ. Tubarov works as hastily as he can. Dermail also orders the mobilization of OZ forces against the Sanc Kingdom.

The attack against Sanc Kingdom has begun! Noin leads the defense forces. She is then joined by Quatre in his Sandrock and Heero in his Epyon.

Pondering what to do, Relena talks to Dorothy. Dorothy tells her to call to other nations for help. Dorothy opens a line of communication all throughout Earth and Space. But, instead of asking for help, Relena instead offers a complete surrender to OZ. She does not wish the Sanc Kingdom to be the source for any fighting. Dorothy praises Relena's strength and offers to escort her to Romefeller.

The episode ends with Heero's Epyon. While all the forces that defend Sanc have surrendered, the Epyon continues to fight.
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