Mobile Suit Gundam Wing

Season 1 Episode 48

Takeoff into Confusion

Aired Weekdays 5:30 PM May 10, 2000 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

As the battle rages over Libra, Wufei fights off mobile dolls. The Tallgeese II appears, and Treize attacks him. Treize tells Wufei how mobile dolls dehumanize battles and cause God to turn away from humanity. Wufei tells him to shut up with his fancy speeches and fight. Treize casts away his dober gun and pulls out his beam saber to fight Wufei. Inside Libra, Trowa fights mobile dolls as well. Duo listens to the mad scientists as they tell him their plan to use Peacemillion's engines to divert Libra from crashing into Earth. Quinze tells Zechs there is a 69% chance that Libra and Peacemillion will crash into the Northern Hemisphere. Noin asks Zechs if he thinks the Gundam pilots will understand his motives. On Peacemillion, Relena asks Heero not to fight. He tells her that it's the only way he can protect her. He asks her to believe in him and pushes her away as he takes off in Wing Zero. In the mobile doll control room, Dorothy asks Quatre if he thinks he can beat her without the Zero System. She gives him a sword, and they begin dueling. When he asks why she likes war, she tells him that if humanity is ever to be free of war, they have to be disgusted by it.

Trowa is cornered by several mobile dolls when Duo appears and destroys them. He tells Trowa that he's leaving and wishes him good luck. Underneath the Deathscythe Hell's wings are the five scientists. As Duo is attacked by a group of mobile dolls, he is assisted by the Maguanac Corps. Trowa leaves Heavyarms behind to look for Quatre. Quatre and Dorothy continue dueling, and with the use of the Zero System she beats him. She tells him that he's misguided and should have been a colony leader like Milliardo. As he tries to talk, she stabs him with her sword. Heero flies around destroying mobile dolls as he searches for Milliardo. Treize and Wufei continue their duel, and Wufei says that too many people have died pointlessly. Treize asks Wufei if he really wants to know how many people have died. He tells him that 99,822 people have died, and he remembers all their names. He says that none of them died pointlessly, and he charges Wufei. He impales the Tallgeese II on the Altron's beam glaive and floats away. Wufei is shocked at this action and watches helplessly as the Tallgeese II explodes. Lady Une contacts White Fang and tells them that the World Nation surrenders. Quinze relays the news about the surrender and Treize's death to Dorothy, and she breaks down. Trowa shows up and expresses his pity for her. Relena wants to stop Heero, but the shuttle she is in with Howard and Sally only has enough fuel to reach M-02. On Libra, Zechs sees Heero approaching and prepares for their final battle.