Mobile Suit Gundam Wing

Season 1 Episode 22

The Fight for Independence

Aired Weekdays 5:30 PM Apr 04, 2000 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

The episode begins with Zechs approaching Lady Une (the peaceful version). Zechs calls himself a good-will representative from the Sanc Kingdom (using his real name, Milliardo Peacecraft). Lady Une accepts his mission in space and says that the two of them can learn from each other to work for greater peace. Hidden from view, Nikol marvels at what is going on.

Meanwhile Zechs, under his new name and face, makes contact with Federation forces nearby. He wants to ally with them to stop OZ from turning colonies into one giant mobile suit factory. Nikol finds out about this plan and sets up an assault against the colony where Zechs and the Federation forces are located. Trowa volunteers his help in the assault but Nikol has him restrained - he does not trust him.

The assault is going perfectly, the Taurus mobile dolls are eradicating Federation forces. Lady Une, in one of the OZ mobile suits, is also in battle, conflicted about how she should best serve Treize - as a soldier or as a bringer of peace? Nikol is beginning the sequence for launching a blast from the Barge to destroy the colony.

Suddenly, on Zechs' monitor, Colonel Treize's face appears. Treize tells Zechs to please save Lady Une for him. Treize also confesses his own weakness for not being able to properly control OZ or the Romefeller Foundation.

Zechs flies and grabs Lady Une's mobile suit, flying out of Barge's blast's way (Nikol ordered the blast even though Lady Une would have been killed). The blast also missed because Trowa managed to alter the beam's trajectory through some timely hacking. Lady Une asks Zechs to take her back to Barge.

Inside Barge, Lady Une pulls a gun on Nikol and orders her men to take him away.

Next we see Chang Wufei flying toward the moon base. His mission is to kill Tubarov but he has absolutely no offensive capabilities left in his Gundam. Tubarov orders OZ forces to cease fire, he wants to examine the Gundam at his base. Chang Wufei smiles broadly.