Mobile Suit Gundam Wing

Season 1 Episode 29

The Heroine of the Battlefield

Aired Weekdays 5:30 PM Apr 13, 2000 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

The episode kicks off with Relena delivering a speech as the leader for the Sanc Kingdom. The speech is on peace and everyone applauds. She goes out and sees some OZ soldiers - she tells them that she doesn't hate them but wants them to see the errors in their ways.

Next we see Heero and Quatre back on Earth. They are being cared for by a group of soldiers on a beach that have already ceded power of their country over to OZ. The leader of the soldiers (one named Count Townsend) tells the two that when OZ arrives, they have no choice but to hand them over. Heero states that he'll decide if he'll use force when that happens.

The next scene has Sally's cargo plane being downed into the water by OZ forces. The cargo plane had a Gundam inside. We see Sally then being led from into a small room where she is bound to a chair. The officers that are detaining Sally are overjoyed that they can recover a Gundam. In dramatic flare, Lucrezia Noin jumps through the window and rescues Sally with a machine gun. Sally and Noin take off in a military vehicle.

We're back at the beach. Heero and Quatre decide to escape in a military aircraft for the Sanc Kingdom. They heard that the Kingdom conflicts often with the Romefeller Foundation and think they could find an ally in them. They leave a message to Count Townsend to immediately report their escape - they don't want to cause him any problems.

Things also take an interesting twist when instead of simply escaping, Heero and Quatre actually attack a Romefeller carrier and take it over. They allow everyone on board the chance to evacuate.

Underwater, we see Sally and Noin. They destroy the OZ forces that are recovering the Gundam that fell from Sally's plane. Sally entrusts the Gundam to Noin's care.

We now meet a new character! It is a young girl about the same age as Relena. She is related to Duke Dermaile and carries the name of Dorothy Catalonia. Dorothy is transferring to a school in the Sanc Kingdom and meets with Relena. We learn that Dorothy loves war during the meeting (though Relena is very kind as always). Dorothy praises Relena greatly, calling her a heroine and saying that she wants to be like her.

Understandably, Pargan (Relena's personal assistant) is very suspicious of Dorothy and contacts Noin about her. Noin advises them to stay vigilant - she will fight and do anything for Relena's protection.

The episode ends with Dorothy yelling outside to some planes that she wants a war to hurry up and begin.