Mobile Suit Gundam Wing

Season 1 Episode 14

The Order to Destroy Zero One

Aired Weekdays 5:30 PM Mar 23, 2000 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

The first scene of this episode shows Trowa and Heero in a dimly lit room, searching for something on a computer. They find what they were looking for - information on a girl by the name of Sylvia Noventa. Sylvia is the granddaughter of the General Noventa - the head of the peace movement for the Federation that Heero accidentally killed early in the series. They find out she is in Marseilles.

We switch to a boat that is gently gliding along a calm body of water. Inside the boat we see Lucrezia Noin with Relena (who is dressed in military gear). They are going to the Romefeller Foundation's headquarters. We find out that the Romefeller Foundation (a group of very rich nobles) actually funded OZ operations.

Inside the headquarters, Treize gets up and makes a speech about the future of OZ. Everyone embraces him and then Relena jumps to speak as well but is repressed. Afterwards, some Foundation members tell Treize that Zechs shouldn't be rebuilding Heero's Gundam but should instead destroy it.

We see a few quick shots. Zechs is told by Noin about the possible destruction of the Gundam. Relena is pensive. And Treize dwells on God.

In Marseilles, we meet Sylvia who is being protected by some Federation soldiers. The soldiers tell her that she should leave though Sylvia wants to stay longer - to honor her grandfather's memories. A soldier then runs into the scene and says that ten Aries are approaching - OZ fighters. The city's defenses are tumbling fast and the Federation soldiers are backing down until they stumble upon a pilot-less Gundam. The soldiers protect the Gundam, hoping that its pilot will return.

The pilot, Trowa, returns and destroys all the enemy mobile suits. The leader of the city thinks it's a miracle.

Meanwhile, Heero is driving around Marseilles in a military vehicle and almost runs over Sylvia, who was fleeing in the streets.

The next scene shows Heero in a cemetery with Sylvia. Trowa is in a car nearby. Heero lays some flowers down in front of General Noventa's grave and then hands a gun to Sylvia, telling her that he was responsible for her grandfather's death. Sylvia does not want to shoot him so Heero says that he will travel to Sicily to ask General Noventa's wife.

The final scene of this episode shows an investigator at the Lake Victoria base. He confirms to Zechs that he saw the destruction of the Gundam, as the Romefeller Foundation wished. As he is leaving, we find out that Zechs had only destroyed a false Gundam for show.