Mobile Suit Gundam Wing

Season 1 Episode 30

The Reunion with Relena

Aired Weekdays 5:30 PM Apr 14, 2000 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

The war between the two divided factions of OZ continues to swell. This episode begins in a small town, controlled by OZ forces, that is anticipating the coming of a Pro-Treize faction attack. We learn that Heero has joined Pro-Treize and wants to help in the attack. Quatre walks around in the town by himself. The attack is mounted and proves initially successful. Heero realizes that civilians are still in the town though and so sustains damage in trying to protect them. He retreats.

We go to the school that Relena heads. She is delivering a lecture on peace (as usual). Dorothy stands up and offers her own, much different opinion on the subject. She thinks that it's human nature to want to fight and so because of it people should fight. Relena disagrees and they talk on the subject a little more. Class is finished and Dorothy, all by herself, comments that Relena's knight will soon arrive.

We go back to town and see that many of the citizens are packing up and leaving - they don't support fighting. We also see that OZ has a new weapon brought into the town: a new model of the mobile doll.

The next scene shows Relena talking to Pargan. Pargan lets it slip that Heero will soon be arriving. Relena is overjoyed.

We go to the combat lines. Heero's unit is no match for the new mobile doll units. They have force fields and are viciously accurate. Heero becomes the only surviving member of his squadron but is determined to fight until death.

Quatre, talking to a citizen outside of town, learns about how the Sanc Kingdom is quickly persuading many countries on Earth to turn away from the Romefeller Foundation and toward peace. Quatre becomes determined to go to the Sanc Kingdom. He jumps aboard an OZ mobile suit (easily knocking out the pilot) and takes flight.

He comes upon Heero and rescues him (using Heero's Gundam blaster that Noin dropped onto the scene for their use). Using the blaster, they destroy most of the mobile dolls and are able to escape.

The last scene of this episode shows a plane landing and Heero and Quatre stepping out. Standing to meet them is a speechless Relena.