Mobile Suit Gundam Wing

Season 1 Episode 8

The Treize Assassination

Aired Weekdays 5:30 PM Mar 15, 2000 on Cartoon Network



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    • Narrator: The attacks by the five Gundams sent out by the space colonies reflected their retaliatory intentions. The Gundams' target is OZ, who had masked its identity within the mobile suit troops of the Alliance military. The Gundams had a number of missions to attack OZ. The year is After Colony 195; OZ has finally taken center stage. With an army of elite soldiers at his command, Treize Khushrenada carries out his plans to destroy the Alliance military. The battle between the Mobile Suits sent to earth and OZ causes the earth to shutter violently.

    • Treize: The duel is mine.
      Wufei: Kill me.
      Treize: It was a good fight.
      Wufei: If you don't kill me right now, I'll keep on coming back until I get you Treize.
      Treize: That sounds interesting, I hope we can battle again.

    • Lady Une: I wasn't expecting this much resistance, but its over now. You die!!!
      Wufei: Stupid move, getting emotional.

    • Treize: The earth is confined area. We can't go around thoughtlessly polluting it. Human beings are weak and vulnerable. Anybody is capable of killing anyone. But you mustn't abuse this capability.

    • Heero: What a miserable mission. I screwed up…I totally screwed up!!!

    • Heero: A failed mission means death. But my card hasn't come up yet

    • Zechs: (after shooting Lt. General Diego O'Neguill) May you rest in peace, the betrayed and outraged Milliardo Peacecraft.

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