Mobile Suit Gundam Wing

Season 1 Episode 4

The Victoria Nightmare

Aired Weekdays 5:30 PM Mar 09, 2000 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

Zechs heads for the Lake Victoria base in Africa, which is both a pilot training facility and a manufacturing facility for the new Taurus mobile suits. Otto, one of Zech's underlings, comments that Zechs was the top graduate from the Lake Victoria institute, and that current instructor Lucrezia Noin was the second top graduate.

At the Lake Victoria base, Noin is preparing her trainees for Zechs's visit. When he arrives, Noin shows him around. While at a club for the students, Zechs gets a call from Otto about the Tallgeese- it will only take a couple months to complete.

That night, Wufei launches an attack on the base. He blows up the trainee dormitory, killing most of the students. Noin goes out in an Aries suit to stop him, ordering the immediate transport of the Taurus suits. She catches Wufei, but refrains from killing him because he's only a kid. Wufei escapes and gets his gundam. Again, Noin stops two other soldiers from firing on him, but is horrified to see Wufei destroy them both. Wufei shoots her down but doesn't kill her. He tells her she's a weak soldier for underestimating him. He then picks up a space cannon and shoots down one of the carriers, destroying the Taurus suits on board.

Back with the Sweepers, Duo offers to help Heero repair his gundam, but Heero doesn't want anyone to touch his mobile suit. While the two of them are arguing, Heero gets another mission to shoot down a transport carrying gundanium. Heero stays up all night, repairing his gundam for the attack. In the morning, he takes off. Duo is impressed, until he finds out that Heero stole parts from the Deathscythe to repair the Wing. That makes Duo incredibly angry. Heero succeeds in destroying the transport.

At the Maganac base, Quatre extends friendship to Trowa, and the Maganacs repair Sandrock and Heavyarms while Trowa and Quatre play a duet.

Relena stands on the edge of a cliff and calls to Heero, telling him to come kill her.

At a conference of Alliance leaders, a leak has caused many of the leaders, including General Septum, to believe that the gundams are a direct statement of war from the colonies and that military presence must be increased. Vice Foreign Minister Darlian tells the Alliance leaders that they are the ones threatening peace, not the colonies. He is thrown out. Treize tells Lady Une to "take care" of Darlian.

Back at the Victoria base, Zechs is happy to see Noin alive. Noin tells Zechs that she wants to retrain and get stronger, that she wants to help him defeat these new enemies. Zechs tells her that he'd be glad to have her on his side.

Somewhere in the wilderness, Wufei is surrounded by a pack of hyenas, but scares them off. He feels empty after fighting what he considers to be a weak enemy.
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