Mobile Suit Gundam Wing

Season 1 Episode 11

The Whereabouts of Happiness

Aired Weekdays 5:30 PM Mar 20, 2000 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

The episode begins with Quatre and Duo walking with their Gundams in a desert with a great sandstorm approaching. They complain about the great amount of difficulty they're having because OZ units are constantly surveying the area.

We switch to Zechs and Noin, they are standing before Heero's crippled Gundam. Zechs wishes to take the Gundam to the base at Lake Victoria. Noin is shocked - does he want to repair it? Zechs answers to the positive.

Quatre and Duo find an underground base in the desert that will certainly house them and their Gundams - it is the military base for Quatre's bodyguards' (the Maguanarc Fighters) homeland. Inside the base, Quatre is greeted warmly by a Commander Sadaal. We then find out that Quatre is of the Winner family - one of the most powerful and influential (though peace loving) Arabian families.

We turn to Relena Darlian. She is going to an elegant party hosted by the Marquis Welitz. We learn that the Marquis is actually Relena's grandfather (her Darlian grandfather). They sit and discuss about the Peacecraft family when Lady Une erupts onto the scene. She wishes to talk to Welitz on behalf of Treize. Relena, still standing next to Welitz, then removes a gun that was previously hidden from view and fires a shot at Lady Une. Unfortunately, the shot only grazes her and Lady Une's guards attempt to give chase, but are stifled when all the guests at the party step in their way.

Back at the desert base, Quatre and Duo are lead to the adjacent town where there is a big festival being held in honor of them all. Suddenly, some Federation soldiers walk into the town and request some water and lodging. They also brought with them some 20 crates of high-impact explosives. The Federation soldiers leave soon after placing the crates throughout the town.

The Maguanarc Fighters immediately examine the crates and are stunned that they are explosive and set to go off at midnight. So they gather all able men to fight the Federation at midnight (while they evacuate the civilians and Gundams). Midnight approaches and explosions rock the city. The Federation soldiers smile at a job well done until a swarm of Maguanarc Fighters in their mobile suits pop up from the sands and destroy them. Also, Quatre and Duo were able to be evacuated through hijacking a Federation cargo ship.

We see Relena still running away until OZ officers circle her and force her to give up. They are going to take her to Lady Une until Lt. Noin appears on the scene in a motor bike. Noin tells the officers that have her that she will take command now. The soldiers decline and Noin pulls a gun on one of them, blasting his OZ cap off. She then states that she is following orders from Treize.

The soldiers immediately apologize and desist. Noin then takes Relena's hand and says that she will escort her. She also takes the opportunity to shoot the OZ emblem from the soldier's cap that was on the ground. The episode ends.
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