Mobile Suit Gundam Wing

Season 1 Episode 37

Zero vs. Epyon

Aired Weekdays 5:30 PM Apr 25, 2000 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

Heero is continuing to demolish Romefeller forces in his Epyon. Zechs arrives on the scene and feels as if he's failed - it's too late. Heero then engages Zechs in combat, wanting to fight against the Wing Zero. Zechs sees the fight as useless.

The next scene shows Relena talking to Count Dermail. Dermail offers her the chance to join the Romefeller Foundation - making her its official representative for Earth and Space. Relena strongly declines but Dermail tells her to think it over.

Zechs and Heero continue to fight. All of a sudden, both of them begin to strongly hallucinate. Their Gundams then stop working and both fall out of their Gundams onto the ground below, mentally and physically exhausted.

Work on the mother ship is progressing very quickly. Tubarov decides to leave and head for the moon base. He enters a ship to take off when the pilot of the ship pulls a gun on him. Back at the mother ship, more soldiers pull guns on their fellows. A new organization has emerged, it is made up of former Pro-Treize men that have decided to fight for the colonies. They are called White Fang.

Tubarov is being escorted by members of White Fang when he manages to break away. He runs and begins typing some commands on a computer. He activates all his mobile dolls to attack White Fang. So the dolls are attacking and look to win until Chang Wufei erupts on the scene. He destroys mobile dolls and White Fang mobile suits indiscriminately. Tubarov laughs insanely, thinking his dolls to be invincible, until everything around him explodes.

Zechs and Heero are talking calmly now. They see an envoy of mobile dolls approaching. Heero boards the Wing Zero and tells Zechs to board the Epyon.

The final scene of this episode presents a shock. Relena tells a messenger to instruct Dermail that she agrees to his proposition. She will be a representative for the Romefeller Foundation. The episode ends as Relena stares out of a window and the light of a new day shines on her face.
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