Mobile Suit Gundam Wing

Season 1 Episode 37

Zero vs. Epyon

Aired Weekdays 5:30 PM Apr 25, 2000 on Cartoon Network



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    • Tsubarov: That's the beauty of absolute dictatorship. There's no room for freedom and equality with this large a task.

    • Duke Dermail: The declaration of total pacifism that you made to the world is dignified and beautiful and reached the hearts of many people. Therefore, my dear, we fought to protect your objectives.
      Relena Peacecraft: Nobody's going to believe that kind of garbage.
      Duke Dermail: No, I'm sure they will! To prove it we're going to make you the new chief representative of the Foundation.

    • Zechs: It seems we got pretty messed up by our machines.
      Heero: Epyon told me you're an obstruction to the path that I have chosen. I don't think Epyon was mistaken.
      Zechs: I see... Looks like they've arrived.
      Heero: Yeah. (throws Zechs Epyon's helmet)
      Zechs: Why are you giving me this?
      Heero: I'm taking the Wing Zero. I'll take care of the enemies coming by sea.
      Zechs: What about the Epyon?
      Heero: Use it as you like. It was built by Traize. I don't understand how that guy thinks. (jumps off cliff)
      Zechs: (says to himself) Some how I think Traize would've wanted me to pilot the Epyon.

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