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Daily 12:00 AM on Spike TV Premiered Apr 23, 2009 Between Seasons


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  • Just not funny.

    I checked out the first episode of this show on Spike, and maybe it was me, but I didn't get it. The show is about a motion capture company facing hard times in the current economy. In a desperate attempt to turn a profit, they work on developing a sequel to a military game called "Tour of Duty".
    From what I understand, this started out as an internet comedy that was developed into a show. It proves that not everything that starts on the internet can translate into a watchable show. The story jumps around, the language is crude and unnecessary, and the filming is similar to The Office, only lacking the budget. The characters grow tiresome quickly, especially the one who spends most of the time in the motion capture suit, trying to be the next Jack Black, only without the talent.
    I can't see a long life for this show, but I will give it another chance to see what they can do with it. Although I'll be watching the second episode with the bias of it headed for failure.