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  • What comedy should be

    As an American, I tend to get defensive when people criticize us and claim to hate all the things we produce that they somehow always seem to either buy or copy. But when it comes to comedy, the Brits have us beat hands down, and this show is the cream of the British crop. The quality has declined in recent years, so for anyone who's looking to get into it, watch seasons 3 - 7 (which are all on Youtube) first. A combination of the loss of Frankie Boyle and the BBC's ridiculous rule requiring the presence of at least one female comedian has taken a lot of the edge off the show in the last few seasons, but it's still the best out there.
  • One of the funniest shows I've ever seen.

    This is a brilliant show. Host Dara O'Briain, plus regulars Hugh Dennis and Frankie Boyle, are all outstanding comedians. Their quick wit, banter and scorchingly spot on humour is amazing to see. I cannot believe how good these guys are!

    Dara O'Briain is a revelation. I always thought this laidback man was good but seeing him as the host of this show is quite remarkable. He's simply brilliant.

    Hugh Dennis is also amazing. I love love love this guy's quick mind and sense of humour.

    As for Frankie Boyle... oh lord is he good. I say Frankie Boyle for Prime Minister! :-)

    I'd recommend this show to anyone. See it now! You'll laugh your socks off!
  • One of the best shows on TV

    Mock the Week definitely knocks Have I Got News For You off it's perch as the best topical news quiz show in Britain. Dara is great in the chair as he is as witty as any of the regulars or guest stars that they have on.
    Frankie and Russel are probably the best of the regulars on the show as they never fail to make me laugh.
    Also, the Scenes We'd Like to See round always has me in stitches as all the contestants show how quick and witty they are. Some of the best lines from the whole show come from this one round.
    Long live Mock the Week.
  • You just have to love it.

    Ah, Mock the Week. I love this show. It's definitely one of the better Comedy Panel shows, in my opinion. A show like this shows the guests real comedic value. If they can improvise like that, while making people laugh, very hard show they are and will be a good comedian.

    They always have great comedians, including Dara O'Brian who is a great host and I'm not being biased because I am Irish. Hugh Dennis, Frankie Boyle and Russell Howard and of course Andy Parsons.
    My favourite sketch has to be "Scenes we'd like to see" is just brilliant, and shows the comedians originality! I must buy the book.
  • What's not to love about this game/comedy show poking fun at the big events in the British news each week. And when you cosider it is from the same team who brough you 'Whose Line' (granted I prefer the US version) you know it has to be good.

    In my over judgemental, over opinionated, over political, over debating brain this show is pure heaven. I can't express how much I love it - and how much I love to hear these comediens voice opinions often similar to my very own. I think it helps that I totally love Russell Howard, that Andy Parsons always makes me laugh, and that I respect Frankie Boyle totally for never being afraid to express his opinion and state his mind - no matter how much it may make me cridge sometime. I think as far as Frankie is concered as well I just respect him so much because a lot of the time he voices those opinions even I am afraid to utter.
    And then not only are these people expressing deep opinions and making my sides split in laughter as they do so, they are also doing it based around topics I often argue about myself. Our policy on Zimbabwe and rising gas prices being the most recent. Then we come to the scenes you'd like to see round - my favourite round of all, because it is just utterly hilarious. Definatly something I implore all those comedy lovers (especially if it is very topical and political comedy you love) to watch because it is just a stroke of comic genius.
  • 'Mock The Week' Is A Game Show Where Contestants Have To Improvise Or Answer Questions Based On The Week's News.

    This Game Show Comes From The Producers Of 'Whose Line Is It Anyway?', It Is Based On The News And Aims To Make People Laugh! (I Laughed A Lot During The Show)
    The Panel Consists Of Two Teams Of Three, Two Of The Three Being Regulars And One Guest Panelist On Each Side.
    The First Round Is 'If This Was The Answer, What Is The Question?', The Guest Panelist Have To Choose From Six Categories, Once They Have Chosen Their Category, A Answer Is Revealed To Which All Of The Players Have To Try & Guess What The Question Was.
    The Second Round Is 'Spinning The News' This Takes Place In The Performance Area, The Players Have To Perform A Piece based On The Topic They Have Been Given.
    The Third Round Is 'Headliners' This Is Where The Players Are Given A Headline And They Have To Try & Fill In The Gaps.
    The Final Round Is 'Scenes We'd Like To See' This Also Takes Place In The Performance Area, The Players Are Given An Unlikely Scenario, They Have To Try & Come Up With Suggestions For If It Did Ever Happen, The Topics In The Past Have Includes: "Tv Shows That Never Made It To Air" & "Unlikely Lines From The Final Harry Potter Book' The Suggestions Made Are Always Funny! I Love This Show, It Really Cheers Me Up! :)
  • Looking for a good laugh?? Mock the Week is for you.

    This programme is in a class of its own. It is hilarious. It is so good you can watch re runs of this and still laugh at the jokes. It you are looking for something to cheer you up and for you to have a giggle at this is the programme for you. Sometimes I have to admit the panel they have are not very good but you always know you will get a good Laugh from Frankie Boyle, Hugh Dennis and Dara o Brian. Dara O Brian is the presenter and is absolutely hilarious. I have to say my favourite guest member if Russel Howard who is on often. You don't have to have political knowledge to watch this show. I have to say you learn things while watching this programme but in a funny way. I definitely recommend this programme.
  • the funniest show that started in the UK.

    Mock the week is a weekly show which is about a bunch of comedians turning the news into hilarious things with rounds like "if this is the answer, what is the question?", "mock mock, whos there?" (previously called "stand up and joke off"), "between the lines" and the best one ever, "scenes we'd like to see". Hosted by Dara O'Brien, mock the week has regulars such as russell howard, andy parsons, frankie boyle and hugh dennis, who are divided into two teams with 2 guest stars. *team 1: Frankie boyle, hugh dennis and guest a. team 2: andy parsons, andy parsons & guest b* great show
  • A show which sees people mock the politics are news of that week.

    Some of the jokes in this show are ok the general humor is also okay the funny thing is the way the show changes realism to a joke I think at times you got to be serious also you got have a joke if things were taken serious all the time the world would be a rubbish place the general jokes are mockery of political subjects on that week hence the name Mock Of The Week. Just a show which is good to watch at the time okay nothing special just a decent funny show which is worth watching if youre bored.
  • This is one of the funniest shows on TV

    Oh where to start, the is just crammed full of stuff to laugh at, from the opening stand-up by Brian to the Scenes we'd like to see section at the end.

    Since it is a game show, I'll talk about my favourite games.

    Firstly they take a headline from a newspaper and take the first letters of the words, and the contestants have to guess what the headline is, after 2-3 minutes of stupid and funny answers, the realy answer comes up and then they have an imforative and yet funny discusion aboput it.

    The other good part it called "Between the Lines" thsi si where franckie pretends to be someone and Hugh "translates" what he is actually saying, for example, If Frankie was being the Queen he would say " hello my loyal subject" and Hugh would then say something like "My Peeps"

    The Last part of the show is the "Scenes We'd Like To See" round and it is by far the funniest part of the show. They take a subject and then make one line jokes about it, for example it the subject was, 'things you shouldnt say in court' one person would say something like, "If im not found guilty, can i keep the stuff i nicked" The show is full of jokes and they lay them on thick and fast.

    An all round good show to watch.
  • Mock the Week is One of the funniest Shows I have seen in a long while.

    I watched this show for the first time just the other week and it is one of the funniest shows I have seen in a long time, it has instantly become one of my favourite shows.
    If you have not seen it and you like a good laugh I highly suggest that you check it out, you might find you have been missing out.
    A new series is under way on 11/01/07 which means that the jokes should keep fresh with the latest news and also its something a bit different to watch compared with some of the other similar shows that are on at the moment.