Mockingbird Lane

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Mockingbird Lane
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AIRED ON 10/26/2012

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Bryan Fuller, the creator of Pushing Daisies, makes a modern version of the classic TV show, The Munsters. Fuller brings his ghoulish black-humor sensibilities to the this classic take on the traditional family and beloved Hollywood monsters.

Herman Munster, the head of the family, is a patchwork creature who tries to keep his family safe and happy. His only problem is when he cares too much, causing his heart to break down.

His wife Lily is a vampire, who tries to make sure that her son Eddie is happy.

Eddie is a normal boy just discovering that he is growing hair on his body... during the full moon, when he becomes a werewolf.

Marilyn, the nice of Herman and Lily, is the oddball out: a normal girl, although she shares her family's... "unique" sensibilities.

Grandpa, a vampire of the old school, is still trying to come to terms with modern life where feeding on the locals isn't allowed. He keeps his son-in-law Herman's heart going, and tries to make sure that the other Munsters embrace their lives as creatures of the night.

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  • What Happened!!???

    It was very surprising that there was not more from this show. It was great and compared to so many of the other, not so good, shows that seem to some keep getting on air - This is one that we wish could get a fair chance. ITs A HIT!
  • Still hoping...

    I really liked this version, i always hated the old one and thought The Addams Family (1960s) was better.

    I'm still hoping this will get picked up, Grandpa has a great sense of humour! Its always funny how the good shows are always passed over or cancelled, when trash like Big Brother and other reality shows that no one likes come back for season after season.
  • this could have made it

    I think this could have made it as a series from mid summer for a finale around halloween every year or atleast have a halloween special every year that would always be good
  • we need more episodes

    i loved it it was entertaining and funny they need to reconsider and continue it . theirs always gonna be people that are gonna be unhappy with it but for the generation that didn't grow up with the original are gonna like this one so yes i hope they continue it

  • Fingers Crossed!!

    I thought this was a great modern interpretation of a cult classic and Eddie Izzard's dark portrayal of Grandpa was inspired!!
  • CRACKING THE TOP 50's Top 100 Everything of 2012, Vol. 6: Items 50-41

    In Version 6.0: A beloved doc hangs up his stethoscope, a princess gets married, and a gangster receives a nasty surprise.


    Mockingbird Lane "Halloween Special" Review: Corny on the Macabre

    Bryan Fuller's Munsters do-over is flashy, campy, and fun, and if it could just get it's sh*t together, it'd make a decent series.

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