Mockingbird Lane

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Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 26, 2012 on NBC
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    Mockingbird Lane "Halloween Special" Review: Corny on the Macabre

    Bryan Fuller's Munsters do-over is flashy, campy, and fun, and if it could just get it's sh*t together, it'd make a decent series.

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    The Munsters are forced to move when their son Eddie transforms into a werewolf and attacks his fellow Wildlife Explorers. While Eddie tries to deal with his new feelings, the Munsters move into a new house and Grandpa tries to find a solution when Herman's heart gives out.


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    • What Happened??!!!!

      Needs a fair Chance! The shows is a HIT!
    • Never Got a Decent Chance

      If you don't even give a show more than one pilot episode it's a shame, because that first episode never gives you accurate results as to how well or bad a show is going to do, there are tons of pilots episodes that did bad and the series still came out on top with the ratings. They should have at least gave it a chance and ordered one season. I don't know if I would have liked the show or hated it, but after all I only got to watch one episode & I would have watched the whole first season, if it was released.moreless
    • The new Ones on te block

      I hope this gets picked up, it's great!!!!!! Gives the original series a "bite" in the neck, love he original, will love this one just as much if this is a true sample

    • Mockingbird Lane is Awesome!

      The Pilot episode of Mockingbird Lane was awesome, perfect and very well put together. I really enjoyed watching because the show was intriguing from start to finish, the characters were fresh re-imaginations of the original show's characters and the story telling gave the classic a modern twist. I enjoyed the special effects and playfulness of the dark side of the family. I think the show definitely achieved the right balance of funny and serious along with camp and horror just as the original show did in it's own time. I liked the ending and certainly look forward to more of this wonderful show!!!!!!!!!moreless
    • 10/10

      I love the Munsters reboot! The cast is fabulous! Where was all the advertising for this great new fall show?!?!?

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      • Real Estate Agent: All right, well this. It's an emotion property. Ideal for any multi-generational family.
        Marilyn: We're not just any family.
        Real Estate Agent: Well, the sun shines more on this house than any other house in the neighborhood.
        Marilyn: Not a future we're looking for.

      • Real Estate Agent: That's a horrible place. Horrible things happened there. They found dozens of graves in the backyard.
        Marilyn: Umm-hmm.
        Real Estate Agent: Maybe you could buy the lot once the grounds have been cleansed.
        Marilyn: My aunt and uncle prefer pre-cleansed.
        Real Estate Agent: Miss, there may be dead homeless people in the walls.
        Marilyn: Then they found a home after all.

      • Eddie: I didn't get to say goodbye to anybody.
        Herman: Moving away is a form of goodbye.
        Eddie: Hmm, not really. Did Grandpa try to eat somebody again? Is that why we had to leave?
        Herman: No, not Grandpa.

      • Marilyn: Grandpa, cover yourself. What will the neighbors think?
        Grandpa: The neighbors should be more concerned with what I'm thinking.

      • Herman: You couldn't love Eddie any harder.
        Lily: I could've if I breast-fed. He was just so pink and plump.
        Herman: You have to stop thinking of him as fragile and/or edible.

      • Grandpa: You're too attached to how things were, only "were" is now werewolf.

      • Herman: You hired nannies to raise him and then he ate the nannies.
        Grandpa: That's what they were hired for!

      • Grandpa: I preferred it when the village was further away and we had a moat.
        Marilyn: The best moats are made of good manners and filled with congeniality.
        Grandpa: Then I shall make cookies.

      • Grandpa: Marilyn, I adore you. I was the one who talked your mother out of eating you.

      • Grandpa: My son-in-law would forget his head if it wasn't sewn on.

      • Marilyn: Also, as an intermediary step, sometimes deer want to be eaten. They're depressed and lonely, so that lion's doing the deer a favor.
        Eddie: That deer didn't look depressed.
        Marilyn: No, I know. I thought I saw it smile.
        Eddie: Does anyone eat the lion?
        Marilyn: Grandpa.

      • Eddie: Mom, I think something's wrong with Grandpa. He took off all of his clothes and then ate a lion.
        Lily: You weren't at the zoo, were you?

      • Lily: The circle of life is a violent shape.
        Eddie: It is when Grandpa's drawing it.

      • Herman: Don't turn the neighbors into your blood slaves.
        Grandpa: So you came all the way out here just to complain about helpful neighbors?

      • Grandpa: So it's open, honest dialogue with my grandson you disapprove of?
        Herman: You're not being open and honest. You're being weird and confusing. You ate a lion while naked.
        Grandpa: The lion was naked. It seemed polite.

      • Grandpa: You shouldn't be too hard on yourself for bringing him up that way. You couldn't have known, how could you? After Marilyn, we all assumed the worst.
        Herman: He was born just like I was.
        Grandpa: Yep, that's the worse we were assuming.

      • Herman: What will we tell Eddie?
        Grandpa: The truth.
        Herman: That I stole the heart of his Wildlife pack leader that you exsanguinated?
        Grandpa: Well, he'd learn a brand-new word, for starters.

      • Grandpa: The strangest thing about grieving is realizing the loved one's death really isn't that big of a deal.

      • Grandpa: Marriage and mortality. Till death do us part. I have had many brides. All dead now. But we keep in touch.

      • Grandpa: Edward, stop playing with your food.
        Eddie: I will if you will.
        Grandpa: That is a gross cliche, and it is beneath you.
        Eddie: (to Steve) My grandpa's gonna eat you.
        Marilyn: Is that happening tonight?
        Eddie: Um-hmm.
        Grandpa: Kids.

      • Steve: You have all made me feel so at home. I feel like I'm sitting down having dinner with my own family.
        Grandpa: Part of you is.

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