Mockingbird Lane

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 26, 2012 on NBC



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    • Real Estate Agent: All right, well this. It's an emotion property. Ideal for any multi-generational family.
      Marilyn: We're not just any family.
      Real Estate Agent: Well, the sun shines more on this house than any other house in the neighborhood.
      Marilyn: Not a future we're looking for.

    • Real Estate Agent: That's a horrible place. Horrible things happened there. They found dozens of graves in the backyard.
      Marilyn: Umm-hmm.
      Real Estate Agent: Maybe you could buy the lot once the grounds have been cleansed.
      Marilyn: My aunt and uncle prefer pre-cleansed.
      Real Estate Agent: Miss, there may be dead homeless people in the walls.
      Marilyn: Then they found a home after all.

    • Eddie: I didn't get to say goodbye to anybody.
      Herman: Moving away is a form of goodbye.
      Eddie: Hmm, not really. Did Grandpa try to eat somebody again? Is that why we had to leave?
      Herman: No, not Grandpa.

    • Marilyn: Grandpa, cover yourself. What will the neighbors think?
      Grandpa: The neighbors should be more concerned with what I'm thinking.

    • Herman: You couldn't love Eddie any harder.
      Lily: I could've if I breast-fed. He was just so pink and plump.
      Herman: You have to stop thinking of him as fragile and/or edible.

    • Grandpa: You're too attached to how things were, only "were" is now werewolf.

    • Herman: You hired nannies to raise him and then he ate the nannies.
      Grandpa: That's what they were hired for!

    • Grandpa: I preferred it when the village was further away and we had a moat.
      Marilyn: The best moats are made of good manners and filled with congeniality.
      Grandpa: Then I shall make cookies.

    • Grandpa: Marilyn, I adore you. I was the one who talked your mother out of eating you.

    • Grandpa: My son-in-law would forget his head if it wasn't sewn on.

    • Marilyn: Also, as an intermediary step, sometimes deer want to be eaten. They're depressed and lonely, so that lion's doing the deer a favor.
      Eddie: That deer didn't look depressed.
      Marilyn: No, I know. I thought I saw it smile.
      Eddie: Does anyone eat the lion?
      Marilyn: Grandpa.

    • Eddie: Mom, I think something's wrong with Grandpa. He took off all of his clothes and then ate a lion.
      Lily: You weren't at the zoo, were you?

    • Lily: The circle of life is a violent shape.
      Eddie: It is when Grandpa's drawing it.

    • Herman: Don't turn the neighbors into your blood slaves.
      Grandpa: So you came all the way out here just to complain about helpful neighbors?

    • Grandpa: So it's open, honest dialogue with my grandson you disapprove of?
      Herman: You're not being open and honest. You're being weird and confusing. You ate a lion while naked.
      Grandpa: The lion was naked. It seemed polite.

    • Grandpa: You shouldn't be too hard on yourself for bringing him up that way. You couldn't have known, how could you? After Marilyn, we all assumed the worst.
      Herman: He was born just like I was.
      Grandpa: Yep, that's the worse we were assuming.

    • Herman: What will we tell Eddie?
      Grandpa: The truth.
      Herman: That I stole the heart of his Wildlife pack leader that you exsanguinated?
      Grandpa: Well, he'd learn a brand-new word, for starters.

    • Grandpa: The strangest thing about grieving is realizing the loved one's death really isn't that big of a deal.

    • Grandpa: Marriage and mortality. Till death do us part. I have had many brides. All dead now. But we keep in touch.

    • Grandpa: Edward, stop playing with your food.
      Eddie: I will if you will.
      Grandpa: That is a gross cliche, and it is beneath you.
      Eddie: (to Steve) My grandpa's gonna eat you.
      Marilyn: Is that happening tonight?
      Eddie: Um-hmm.
      Grandpa: Kids.

    • Steve: You have all made me feel so at home. I feel like I'm sitting down having dinner with my own family.
      Grandpa: Part of you is.

  • Notes

    • The episode had 5.4 million viewers on its premiere.

    • The pilot came in on a budget of $10 million.

    • The episode includes several nods to the original series. 1) Herman's silhouette when he first appears makes it appear that he has bolts sticking out of his neck; 2) Marilyn whistles a few bars of the original series theme to the crows on the conservatory; 3) the secret passageway beneath the stairs resembles the ones in the original; and 4) the Munsters have a pet dragon, just like the original ones did.

    • Music: I Think I Need a New Heart (The Magnetic Fields), Mannish Boy (Muddy Waters)

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