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Friday 8:00 PM on NBC Premiered Oct 26, 2012 Special


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  • Terrible !!

    I was a huge fan of the original show and was mildly looking forward to this.

    After watching it, I want my hour back.

    I should have known better, it was on NBC.

    The ONLY thing slightly good about the show was seeing Portia de Rossi again.

    However, I was surprised after watching it that she would have taken the part.

    She should sue her agent !!!

    I too would rate this a ZERO if it were an option.
  • Crappy remake

    I was around and watched the original Munsters. The 60's show was great show, funny. This remake is crappy, and does not resemble the original 60's show in the least. I felt like dozing off while watching this weak plotted pitiful show not worth watching. Give me the real Herman and Lilly characters, and I'd watch.

    The characters are an abomination of the original. I was hoping to see Herman and Lilly be at least similar to the original characters. I rated 1. If zero was a rating, I would rate it that.

    Obviously the people that like the show are too young and ignorant and have no idea about the original show.
  • Mean-Spirited

    This is an "updating" of the 1960s show "The Munsters". The humor has been diminished and more horror added (the show opens with Eddie turning into a werewolf for the first time and killing several of his scout companions on a camping trip).

    I suppose today's audience's may prefer horror more than comedy in their television today, but what humor there is comes across as simply mean-spirited.
  • Not bad ...

    ... but also not sure it would work like a full time TV show. It was nice as a Halloween special though. Actors gave us great performances and were cast very well. I also loved the special effects and production designers must be complimented for their work on this. But all in all there zero to very slim chance that NBC actually picks it up. Only the pilot alone cost them 10 million bucks.
  • A clever title goes here!

    It was pretty solid, different, but solid - I could see it shaping up to be quite entertaining. Jerry looks a bit off for the role, to be honest, but everyone else "feels" spot on. ESPECIALLY Eddie as Grandpa.
  • Great Effects, but Silly Plot

    I can see why NBC is testing out the pilot before ordering it to a series. There are some great actors and the special effects look great, but the dialogue and plot is just silly.
  • this could have made it

    I think this could have made it as a series from mid summer for a finale around halloween every year or atleast have a halloween special every year that would always be good
  • The munters are back

    It wasnt as good as I expected but is still great, I love the new story and I think they did a really good job. I hope it become a regular show.
  • It's Marilyn Munster in a Marilyn Manson world

    And I liked it!

    I didn't want to, but I did.

    I expected crap & what I got instead was 40-something minutes of morbidly (open) heart warming entertainment.

    It's too bad the show was dead on arrival. I'd have happily kept watching

  • So Nice I Watched it Twice!

    Yes, it is VERY different from the Munsters, or that other scary sit-com The Addams Family. But that is a strength not a weakness. While I would prefer Jerry O'Connell was still working as a lawyer with Jim Belushi, I thought Mockinbird Lane was pretty clever, and while it was a little short on plot, there is a lot of room there for some great storytelling. And past the writing, how about those SFX? Did you not LOVE when all the spiders came down to make Lily's dress? Or the easy-enter ZIPPER on Herman's chest? How 'bout Lily descending from the ceiling as a puff of smoke? And if you still can't get interested, "This is Eddie's grandpa...Grandpa." How can you NOT love a show that stars Eddie Izzard? This guy would be a hoot even without the British accent. If you don't believe me, go on YouTube and search for "Eddie Izzard Death Star Canteen." All great reasons I think. But if you still need one more, I have just two words for you. Bryan Singer...he is that rare breed with both a great eye AND a great ear. I mean, anyone who could keep a character like HOUSE on the air for eight years is a TV magician as far as I'm concerned. I can't wait to see what happens next at 1313 Mockingbird Lane!
  • The Munsters Family

    Mockingbird Lane has the Munsters more like The Addams Family. Herman no longer looks like the Frankenstein monster and not as goofy. I like Jerry O'Connell but he is the weakest of the cast. I would like to see what kid of job he has. My guess is that he should be a teacher or College professor. As for Grandpa and Lily they both are good and there is no hiding that they are vampires. The big change is Marilyn. No longer does she think she is the ugly duckling but a twisted psychopath. But by far the worst is Eddie. Granted he is first becoming a werewolf but he is a whiny and annoying. Overall the show has promise but at least it's better than the abomination remake The Munsters Today.
  • Another good onebites the dust

    I really thought this show had potential. There is so much crap out there and this was a well thought out version of a previously popular show (with a twist) Portia di Rossi was great as a modern Lily and the new Herman was great as a much hipper version of himself. A darn shame this was cancelled. It would have been a great idea if CW or AMC or one of the other hip networks would have picked this up
  • Really?

    They were fools to pass this show up. Great actors, Fun show. I hope they reconsider!
  • So where is episode 2?

    i don't see any reason not to continue with this series. it should do quite well. I still enjoy watching the reruns of the Munsters and Adams Family shows i watched as a kid, and I'd like to see them do more with this. I kept looking for the next episode, and thought it should have continued by now. i'm sure the kids would like it as well as older folks like me.
  • Dear NBC: Please Pick up Mockingbird Lane

    Dear NBC,

    After repeatedly viewing the pilot for "Mockingbird Lane," one thing has become clear to my family - this is the only new comedy all of us, from ages 11 to 40, would sit down weekly to watch together. It is a wonderful mix of dark humor and brilliant homage, and worth sitting through commercials to see.
  • Can't wait for Episode 2

    Please tell us there will be more episodes!!! I loved the original Munsters, but this one was better by far!!! Please keep them coming!!!! Our family and our daughter's family sat together and watched it!! We ALL SIX loved it, from ages 4 to...well... past 50!!!! lol
  • Welcome to Mockingbird Lane, Munsters.

    If you are a fan of the original Munsters series than I think that you will be very happy to see them in this 21st century adaptation. I was really hoping this version to have elements from the original series, while also keeping it fresh by giving us a new perspective on the characters. I love the cast and the whole gloomy environment.

    The plot is very well conceived, and I can see that this might have a future, if the network allows it. It's fun to see all the munsters acting differently from one anothers, especially Grandpa, who in this version is less comedic and a little more serious, yet he's completely funny. As a Halloween special I was very pleased to watch it, and I was surprised when they revealed that Spot is a dragon in this version. Too bad we didn't see Grandpa smoking a cigar or talking with Igor, his pet bat. A 9.5 is in order for this one, and it will get a 10, if the series is made.
  • Thought I would hate it

    But Im finding that I Like the show I never liked the first munsters show but this show is good

    I am a big fan of werewolves and I like that first scene.


  • What Happened!!???

    It was very surprising that there was not more from this show. It was great and compared to so many of the other, not so good, shows that seem to some keep getting on air - This is one that we wish could get a fair chance. ITs A HIT!
  • Still hoping...

    I really liked this version, i always hated the old one and thought The Addams Family (1960s) was better.

    I'm still hoping this will get picked up, Grandpa has a great sense of humour! Its always funny how the good shows are always passed over or cancelled, when trash like Big Brother and other reality shows that no one likes come back for season after season.
  • we need more episodes

    i loved it it was entertaining and funny they need to reconsider and continue it . theirs always gonna be people that are gonna be unhappy with it but for the generation that didn't grow up with the original are gonna like this one so yes i hope they continue it

  • Fingers Crossed!!

    I thought this was a great modern interpretation of a cult classic and Eddie Izzard's dark portrayal of Grandpa was inspired!!
  • Loved it!!

    I do not want it to stay just as a pilot, would love to see more episodes.
  • Oh please tell me this show is going to be a series!!!

    Great cast, and a lot of good fun. I grew up wathching Munsters reruns and this is a great new version
  • Devilishly delightful!

    Why do people insist on demanding a remake be exactly like the original?! Then watch the original instead! I thought this pilot was excellent. They spent 10 million filming it? I believe it! If you're stuck in a time-warp and want this show to be new actors reading old lines, don't bother watching. This is a new and improved version, and I loved every minute of it! Eddie absolutely rocked, and I have never heard of anyone "dozing off" watching him perform. I really hope they'll film many more episodes!
  • Awesome!

    I love The Munsters, I'm 19yrs old and I've watched every episode. This pilot was Amazing. I don't know what all of the bad reviews are for, that was a fantastic pilot. The Make-up was amazing and even the Special Effects were the best I've seen in a long time. All of the characters blended well together and I really hope this series get picked up. If it doesn't NBC has some explaining to do.
  • Fang-tasticly Done!!!!!

    Loved it!!! I really like the classic Munsters, but the new and inproved Mockingbird Lane is more realistic to todays Gothic familys and paranormal belief.Yes it seems a little out there with the special effects, but if they had our tecnology in the 60's as well as less limitations. I'm sure the Monsters would have been the same. This show was great!!!! I for one hope NBC continues to air it! If not NBC maybe Fox, or FX.

    Dean at
  • Loved it

    I thought it was great! I so hope it goes to a series!!!!
  • Eddie Izzard is just too good...

    I saw the original and I really enjoyed it as a kid, The Munsters is a fond memory to me. But I also really enjoyed this new version (i didn't compare it to the old one because they are not the same show) it is a re-imagining of the idea, meaning it's meant to be slightly different. So instead of constantly comparing it to fond memories, i rated it on whether or not i enjoyed the show.

    Did the show make me laugh? Yes.

    Did i enjoy myself whilst watching the show? Yes.

    Did I consider changing what I was watching whilst watching it? No.

    Only gripe would be that Eddie Izzard steals every scene he is in, so I missed him when he wasn't on my screen. In this version, he is the stand-out character, he generates the most laughs and he has the best lines (or he just has the best delivery of his lines). So really my only gripe with it is that Eddie Izzard is too good... seriously, his comedic timing is incredible.

    At the center of it all, it's a comedy! It made me laugh! Job well done! Bring on the rest of the season.
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