Mockingbird Lane

Friday 8:00 PM on NBC Premiered Oct 26, 2012 Special


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  • Welcome to Mockingbird Lane, Munsters.

    If you are a fan of the original Munsters series than I think that you will be very happy to see them in this 21st century adaptation. I was really hoping this version to have elements from the original series, while also keeping it fresh by giving us a new perspective on the characters. I love the cast and the whole gloomy environment.

    The plot is very well conceived, and I can see that this might have a future, if the network allows it. It's fun to see all the munsters acting differently from one anothers, especially Grandpa, who in this version is less comedic and a little more serious, yet he's completely funny. As a Halloween special I was very pleased to watch it, and I was surprised when they revealed that Spot is a dragon in this version. Too bad we didn't see Grandpa smoking a cigar or talking with Igor, his pet bat. A 9.5 is in order for this one, and it will get a 10, if the series is made.