Mockingbird Lane

Friday 8:00 PM on NBC Premiered Oct 26, 2012 Special


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  • Eddie Izzard is just too good...

    I saw the original and I really enjoyed it as a kid, The Munsters is a fond memory to me. But I also really enjoyed this new version (i didn't compare it to the old one because they are not the same show) it is a re-imagining of the idea, meaning it's meant to be slightly different. So instead of constantly comparing it to fond memories, i rated it on whether or not i enjoyed the show.

    Did the show make me laugh? Yes.

    Did i enjoy myself whilst watching the show? Yes.

    Did I consider changing what I was watching whilst watching it? No.

    Only gripe would be that Eddie Izzard steals every scene he is in, so I missed him when he wasn't on my screen. In this version, he is the stand-out character, he generates the most laughs and he has the best lines (or he just has the best delivery of his lines). So really my only gripe with it is that Eddie Izzard is too good... seriously, his comedic timing is incredible.

    At the center of it all, it's a comedy! It made me laugh! Job well done! Bring on the rest of the season.
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