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  • Season 1
    • 6/26/13
      It's down to four models and they are ready to get down and dirty when they are presented with a "maid" challenge. Behind those double suite doors isn't a dirty room but a panel of Mandalay Bay execs ready to interview one model at a time. The last challenge is to give a speech to 300 Mandalay Bay employees explaining why she should be the face of their brand. In the end what matters is what model can persuade the judges and Hotel and Casino Top brass to be crowned the face of the iconic brand.moreless
    • 6/19/13
      The final six get the chance to write, direct and star in their own commercials for Mandalay Bay. Some of the models will find talents within themselves they didn't know they had. While others are better off in front of the camera and not behind it.
    • The models do what they do best; look hot while relaxing at their own private pool. Britany has a meltdown while the models work hard in the bakery trying to impress a high maintenance bride to be.
    • 6/5/13
      Aspen knows she failed at the last MVP event, the Hoodie Awards, and she tells the other models she's going to end up in the shark tank. So the lovely ladies head to Moorea Beach for some fun in the sun.
    • As You Wish
      Episode 4
      These models are used to being waited on hand and foot, making demands for others, but today the models turn concierge and have to fulfill crazy diva requests from the Mandalay Bay guests. They are split into two teams with one head concierge each.
    • 5/22/13
      The competition goes from fierce to deadly as half of our models must dive into Mandalay Bay's world famous shark tank, while the others have to chop up rats to feed these hungry beasts. Can front-runner Shannone overcome her debilitating fear of sharks?
    • 5/15/13
      The models venture out for a night on the town and get worked up at the show, 'Thunder Down Under.' Then the girls head down to the recycling center to learn how Mandalay Bay takes out the trash. Later, after the judging, the models catch some rays in the sun at Mandalay Bay Beach; then Johanna and Sonja interview the radical band Steel Panther. Will they be able to handle these over the top musicians?moreless
    • A Taste Of Bay
      Episode 1
      Eight pampered models learn that is they want to become the face of MGM Mandalay Bay, they'll have to get their hands dirty by working the most challenging jobs of the hotel.