Models Inc.

FOX (ended 1995)


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  • Cheese Supreme for a nighttime soaper! And who doesn't love cheese, oui?

    Pretty but too-short-to-be-fashion-models, uniformly caucasian actresses, with the exception of future "Matrix" star Carrie-Ann Moss who is in fact not height-challenged in the slightest, portray fashion models in the mid-1990's when high fashion dictates mandated 5'10" minimum height to go with that anorexia, then as now. Its other genuine model height star Stephanie Romanov could also act, hence her character's being killed off in the pilot, to keep the playing field level.

    That field included Cassidy Rae portraying a young Christie Brinkley type, were the latter a foot shorter and and alcoholic; Teresa Hill as the most modern-looking model, a total 90's archtype replete with de rigeuer parasite rocker boyfriend; Moss as the emotionally tormented, over the hill (gah! 27!) loser; Kylie Travis as the foxy Aussie Vixen model; Romanov as a dead model and her doppelganger; and later, Garcelle Beauvaise as the whoops, we forgot an African-American beauty model.

    There were also a slew of forgettable (with the exception of David Goldsmith, so slimey-appealing as the parasite rocker boyfriend that his part was continued far after the initial scripts aimed to phase him out) male actors to accompany same, and "Dallas"'s Linda Gray looking more flustered than evil as the beeyotch owner of the Models, Inc. agency. She was supposed to be "Melrose Place"'s Heather Locklear's co-vixen mum in order to jumpstart the show. Emma Samms crept into later episodes in order to collect a salary.

    Put them all together with the most turgid soap cliches and you get squat, right? Wrong! This show was so very over the top in every iota it attempted that it makes for fun an hilarious viewing. It is Cheese Supreme, and that's always yummy. Very, very, very watchable. Particularly the pilot and the first eight episodes of the show (halted in coitus interruptus cliff-hanger after 29 eps) which were shot in part at the house of correspondent fastfilm.