Models of the Runway - Season 1

Lifetime (ended 2010)




Episode Guide

  • That's a wrap!
    That's a wrap!
    Episode 14
    Winner of the Models of the Runway is revealed. The top three models gather around with Heidi Klum, to see the emotional moments of the first season.
  • Bryant Park Bound
    Bryant Park Bound
    Episode 13
    The final three models have the task to conduct a model casting and choose a model for their designers, who will design a last complementing look for their collections. A family reunion in New York cheered the models on.
  • NY here we come!
    NY here we come!
    Episode 12
    In Getty Center the designers and as well their models are searching for inspiration for their looks of the final runway show before going to Bryant Park. A consulting make-up artist and a dermatologist give them final tips. Only three models will be advancing to NY Fashion Week.
  • It's a Sticky Situation
    The models are not allowed to use double-sided tapes to fix their looks and two models have a controversy about it. After the elimination there are only five models left heading to Bryant Park.
  • Burlesque Babies
    Burlesque Babies
    Episode 10
    The Girls take a burlesque dance class and get an impression of broadway. One of the girls has a casting for premium denim jeans. After the elimination only six models will be left heading to Bryant Park.
  • Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow
    The models take part in a casting for Garnier Nutrisse and video shoots are made with them. In the elimination the designers have to switch their models again.
  • A Fresh Start
    A Fresh Start
    Episode 8
    The models don't walk on the runway this week, instead they are replaced by nine divorcees, who want their wedding dresses turned in a fashionable look by the designers. Still one model has to go home.
  • You're My Pumpkin Pie
    The models participate in a class of professional runway coach Michael Maddox, who calls the models "my pumpkin pie". After the class models feel more confident, but still one model has to go home.
  • Hot Mess
    Hot Mess
    Episode 6
    Designers create looks based on movie genres like film noir, action&adventure, science-fiction, western and period piece. The make-up of the models has to match the characters they present. Surprisingly the designers have to switch their models for the next challenge.
  • Chic Clique
    Chic Clique
    Episode 5
    The designers have to use newspaper as fabric and models encounter difficult moments on the runway. Dreamteam brings tension to the model house.
  • It's My Party and I'll Wear What I Want To
    The thirteen remaining models are the clientele of the designers, which have to create an eye-catching look for an industry event. Heidi Klum visits the model house.
  • Frenemies
    Episode 3
    Things heat up in the models house, as two models have a confrontation in the greenroom. While one model tries to apologize, the other one says that she will never be friends and trust that model ever again.
  • They Love Me, They Love Me Not
    The models of Project Runway compete for a $25.000 prize award a fashion spread in a major fashion magazine.
  • Off the Runway
    Off the Runway
    Episode 1
    Models wearing a red carpet look of Project Runway's designers compete against each other too. The model of the winning designer together with a chosen friend is invited to an Emmy special event, from where they can take a lot of presents home. The designers can switch their models for the second challenge and the model not picked is eliminated.moreless