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Season 7 : Episode 12

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This mockumentary explores the many different types of a modern family through the stories of a gay couple, comprised of Mitchell and Cameron, and their daughter Lily, a straight couple, comprised of Phil and Claire, and their three kids, Haley, Alex, and Luke, and a multicultural couple, which is comprised of Jay and Gloria, and their son Manny. These three types of families are being taped by a Dutch documentary crew who are using them for an upcoming reality-based television series due to air in The Netherlands.

Ed O'Neill

Ed O'Neill

Jay Pritchett

Julie Bowen

Julie Bowen

Claire Dunphy

Ty Burrell

Ty Burrell

Phillip "Phil" Dunphy

Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara

Gloria Delgado-Pritchett

Jesse Tyler Ferguson

Jesse Tyler Ferguson

Mitchell Pritchett

Eric Stonestreet

Eric Stonestreet

Cameron "Cam" Tucker

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Fan Reviews (127)

  • dont watch every week but its ok

    ok i will admit i dont consider this a cant miss show or even a watch regular but thats just my opinion i have my likes and my dislikes about the show 'my hes just a good hearted guy trying his best to raise a family in this world dunphy of all the dunphy kids shes my fave shes sweet smart and tons of fun 3. lilly shes just wayyy too cute .now for the negative .1 gloria . for some reason she really really bugs me shes got that anoying attitude and voice to match it 2. luke he used to be charming and funny but sence he grew up is now a total moron 3. the kids grew up kindof un reolistic like i was watching one of the episodes recently and alex has um grown 'get the picture' and luke too he seems like he turned into a man almost pretty much over night some times i watch but the whole emmy thing when u have the very funny middle and goldbergs blackish too yet this is what they nominate i hate to say it but abc sucks for thatmoreless
  • This show is horrible! How is keeping this show on Air Negative -10

    Somebody in Hollywood is doing someone a favor by keeping this show on TV. Look at the show ratings, this show should be canceled.
  • This week's episode - Closets Closets Closets

    I enjoy Modern Family, but this one went over the line. Really, people putting their "junk" on other people's things? That was completely out of line.
  • Liking it more this time, just not as funny still

    Most ep (09-10, 14-15) ABC, Vta County Library Season 1
  • Watching the decline of values and standards, in both sitcoms and real life

    I don't watch Family Guy or any other shows that I perceive as being, "gutter humor" comedies, but I have watched many episodes of Modern Family and just do not understand its great popularity and success.

    Many people are going to disagree with me and maybe even hate me for saying this, but I've been looking for a place to say this because for some reason it has just become my pet peeve lately, even though I have not watched the show for a while.

    To me Modern Family is not only not funny, it's actually detached, off-putting and cold in the way the jokes are presented, simply as one-line zingers, but even more so in how the characters relate to one another.

    I'm guessing the show is supposed to represent that this diverse, variegated group of people makes up the new, "modern" family unit, and maybe it simply reflects society and it's decline, but to me it is really sad, there is so little intimacy, no warmth or connection between people.

    Maybe I'm comparing it by unrealistic standards, I know every family is not "Full House," the Brady Bunch or that old sitcom I cannot remember the name of, but they all say goodnight to each other, but to me, this show just doesn't have any heart or soul; it is all cerebral with zingy one-liners, but no depth.

    BTW, FWIW, I'm saying this as someone who came from a very dysfunctional, impoverished family closer to that of Roseanne than any other I have seen on television.

    Also, and this is where I'm going to say the controversial un PC stuff, but I saw the pictures of Ms. Vergara when she was a working Supermodel, and she was quite voluptuous and striking, beautiful; but now she looks old. I wouldn't say she's ugly, she is not, but she's not a bombshell knockout who I'd tune in to watch on a weekly basis. And frankly, all the other people are really not that attractive. Ed o' Neill, not much to say there, he's not exactly a looker, even back in his Married with Children days, Julie Bowen has gotten older and looks it, like Amanda Bynes said, Sarah Hyland is really, well I'll leave it for you to complete, but it's not beautiful, Ariel Winter is an attractive nerd, but I wouldn't call her especially beautiful, same could be said for Nolan Gould, especially in recent seasons after he's aged. I have heard he is really smart though. I think Rico Rodriguez is the best looking on the show, but in most of the episodes I watched he had pretty small roles. Eric Stonestreet is okay as is the other guy, unfortunately I cannot remember his name and don't care enough to look it up. Oh.... I almost forgot Ty Burrell, I think in some ways he's my favorite character and I do consider him to be relatively attractive, but being a straight guy I'm not going to tune in just to watch him. All I'm saying is that the cast is not all that great to look at. And for those of you saying so what, it matters. Most of the people on television are supposedly of above average physical attractiveness, that 's a big part of why people watch.

    Mad Men, another controversial show with mixed opinions, most extreme, you either love it or hate it, but that cast is chock full of beautiful people, starting with Jon Hamm, to January Jones, Christina Hendriks, even John Slattery is a good looking guy, even if he's not comfortable being a sex symbol. Kiernan Shipka and many of the other characters as well are very nice to look at. I won't say anything about Peggy Olsen.

    So between the unfunny jokes, the cold, lifeless characters and the way they relate to each other, as well as the not particularly attractive cast, what is so damn great about this show Modern Family?

    I suppose the answer is that other people, probably most, don't see it the way I do, agree with my opinion/assessment, and that is definitely their right, but all I've said are things I clearly witness in every episode.

    I just find it sad, watching the decline of our society(morals, mores, values and standards) happening daily before our very eyes, and so many of us don't even realize it, they think it is normal and great, like texting to each other when they are sitting right next to each other.

    It is horrible how technology, all the innovations that are said to bring us closer together are really distancing us from one another. It's simply tragic how technology is destroying human society(look up what that word means, society) devaluing life, and diminishing/depressing our interactions, how we relate to each other.


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