Modern Family

Season 1 Episode 22

Airport 2010

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM May 05, 2010 on ABC

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  • Perfect episode.

    It had all the cast involved plus everyone was funny

    it was one of the best episodes.
  • At the Airport

    It was a pretty good episode. Funny, but got annoying at points.
  • Jay's Birthday

    I liked this episode. This was one of the first episodes with one two part episodes. I have always enjoyed episodes where all the family is together. I liked the part where Phil and Mitchell are driving together. You definitely see how Mitchell is related to Claire. I also liked how Claire was nervous before the flight. It was very funny how she was very drunk when she got on the plane. The part with Jay trying to endure Gloria's surprises was good to see. While Jay is a private person and a bit uptight he truly loves his family. That is what I like about his character. The third part while not as good as the others with Alex and Hailey was good. I like when they are boarding on the plane and Alex points out another "artist." Just the way the kid was drawing was very funny. I have to mention this but anytime when Lost (my favorite show) is mentioned it always good. One of the best parts was the flashbacks seeing what happened before everyone got on the place. A good episode that I think you will enjoy
  • airport 2010

    Another really forgettable episode of Modern Family tonight. After seeing the summary for next week's episode it looks like the action will be picking up from Hawaii so that should be fun (not really.) Having a few episodes outside the main setting is not uncommon with popular sitcoms (Everybody Loves Raymond and The Brady Bunch have done infamous episodes from Italy and Hawaii, respectively) but Modern Family needs to focus on creating some funny storylines in its own town before going across the Pacific.

    The jokes were predictable as ever, and the incredibly annoying Alex was at another level here tonight.