Modern Family

Season 3 Episode 24

Baby on Board

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM May 23, 2012 on ABC

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  • About this series

    This had wonderful directing.
  • Season 3 finale

    Cam and Mitchell find an opportunity to adopt and are aided by Gloria's bilingualism at the hospital. Manny and Jay help Lily prep for a dance recital. Alex goes to her first prom, though there's something different about her date. Haley announces her future plans to Phil and Claire, which shocks them, and one family member is hiding a big surprise. This was a superb Season 3 finale of "Modern Family". I'm trying my best to get all of my reviews caught up so here it goes. I really enjoyed the episode for the most part but my score is a little low because I found the episode to be a little boring at times and a bit pointless. The parts that did make me laugh were was Phil telling Alex "You look sexy" and then Alex says "Ewww", Alex's gay date, Dylan overall was pretty funny and more. It was too bad that Cam and Mitch weren't able to adopt another baby. Towards the end of the episode it does have heart and emotion and as soon as the finale ended with Gloria saying "I'm pregnant", it did really shock me so the finale ended on a huge surprise. I wonder how Season 4 is going to play out. Overall, a superb Season 3 finale of "Modern Family". 9/10
  • 3.24 'Baby on Board'

    A huge improvement from last week's episode. But still - 3rd season has got to be the weakest one of all three while the #1st remains on top (at least for me as a regular viewer) ;)

    This finale consisted of many great moments, even some life-changing events. Hayley was finally accepted to college (but before she found out there was this amazingly funny dinner with her, Dylan, Luke and her parents), Luke and Dylan have an amazing comedic chemistry, Cam and Mitch took Gloria to the hospital with them (but the adoption of the Latino baby boy didn't work out although those telenovela scenes were funny) and they had this beautiful moment at the end of the episode, Lily was jealous of her new 'potential' baby brother and didn't wanna dance at her recital (LOL at Jay dancin' ballet with her on stage), Alex goes to a prom with a gay guy from school (that scene was perfect) and the biggest shocker of all - Gloria is pregnant. :)

    It was an entertaining finale. But there is still a room for some improvement. I sincerely hope that season 4 is going to be funnier and better. The writing has been very inconsistent this year, one episode was amazing the one after that was a mess and so on. But I still love this show and these characters. 8,0/10
  • Shocking!!! Amazing!!! LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What I Loved:

    Cam's excitement

    Alex's gay date

    Haley's surprises

    The scene at the hospital

    Jay dances with Lily

    Luke's hidden letters

    Gloria: I'm pregnant

    What I Hated:

  • Hit & Miss



    The emotional scene with Cam and Mitchell

    Glorias surprise and monologue at the end

    The majority of Manny, Lily and Jay.

    Lukes Hidden Letters


    The whole take off of the Spanish soap in the hospital, horrible and just doesn't work and isn't funny.

    The whole prom part seems like filler