Modern Family

Season 2 Episode 18

Boys' Night

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Mar 23, 2011 on ABC
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Luke becomes friends with a curmudgeon old neighbor, which does not please Phil and Claire. Meanwhile, Gloria and Manny try to get Jay to join them at the symphony, but in an attempt to avoid the concert, he instead goes with Mitchell and Cameron on their "boys' night out", and Haley babysits for Lily.moreless

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  • Very memorable

    Good for all the charictars apart from Alex who was forgettable which we also see in series 3 a bit
  • Still a great quirky show breaking new ground - especially with the gay family dynamic

    I absolutely laughed my butt off during this episode. Nathan Lane is always a delight to watch. I love the bizarre little story lines that come up in this show and having a gay brother who brought his first serious partner home a few years ago, it's just great to see the gay family portrayed on a quality tv show, where yes some fun stereotypes are still flogged shamelessly, but some interesting concepts are fleshed out and that are unique to this situation. Some criticism is coming out about this show and I feel people are looking for the usual predicatable family show drama rot that I just can't stand. This show is unique, it's quirky and it keeps you guessing.

    LOVE IT!!!moreless
  • Jay has a night out and Dumphys get a new new neighbor

    This was a wonderful episode. I think this was one of the better of the season and maybe the series. The "worst" part(and I use that term loosely because of the greatness) of the episode was when Luke made friends with the older neighbor. If you had been watching this series, it makes perfect sense. The man playing him was very good. I thought it was funny how Luke doesn't seem fazed by the older man's neighbor at all. I also like how this relationship is not all inappropriate. In fact they even mention this. The second part with Jay, Cameron, Mitchell, and their friends may have been the highlight of the season. When Jay is with all the guys it shows how far he has come. (I wonder if this actually happens with gay people in telling stories how they knew they were gay?) Anyway just when you think Jay has really turned a corner, it turns out he is still a bit of the same. I like the ending too when like with Jay he has turned a corner, but not really.moreless
  • 218

    Well, if you thought the last episode was bad, just wait 'till you watch this one. 3 different story lines that had very little to do with one another even though it was being blatantly obvious that Modern Family was trying to be "clever" with Jay walking in to the bar coincidentally where his son was at, but it just didn't cut it for me.

    The laughs were non-existent, and the story lines were just cliche and ridiculous. I really don't see anyone relating to this episode (or this series in general) regardless of it's generic story lines.

    It simply isn't the best "family" show out there, and it clearly isn't TV's best comedy as everyone is making it out too be. Just disappointing in general.moreless
  • 218

    The latest episode of Modern Family turned out to be another dismal effort from the show that for some odd reason is so highly regarded in the world of comedy.

    The storyline with Mitchell and Cameron was a bust again. Usually scenes with supposedly witty gay men are easy to write for television shows, but definitely not seen here tonight.

    Phillip Baker Hall played one of the greatest characters of all time during his appearances on Seinfeld, and he could be a great guest star for any comedy series, but he was horribly used here today as the creepy old neighbor.

    Shame on you Modern Family.moreless

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    • Claire: Little kids can be friends with old people, right?
      Phil: Course they can, there's tons of examples. Up, Gran Torino, True Grit.
      Claire: Cartoon, kills himself, she loses an arm... we've gotta go talk to that guy.

    • Claire: Honey, you've got to stop watching the news.
      Alex: That's your solution? Embrace ignorance?
      Phil: What are you two arguing about? Never mind, I don't wanna know.

    • Jay: So, what does a guy have to do to get a drink around here?
      Mitchell: (To his gay friends) No one answer that!

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    • Original International Air Dates:
      Canada: March 23, 2011 on Citytv
      United Kingdom: April 22, 2011 on Sky1/Sky1 HD
      Czech Republic: June 29, 2011 on HBO Comedy
      Finland: January 19, 2012 on MTV3
      Sweden: March 2, 2012 on TV4


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