Modern Family

Season 2 Episode 13

Caught in the Act

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Jan 19, 2011 on ABC
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It's Phil and Claire's anniversary, and when the kids go to surprise them with breakfast in bed, they get a surprise of their own. Jay and Gloria's plans for a Vegas vacation are ruined because of a brutally honest email accidentally sent to Claire, and Mitchell and Cam try to get into a new restaurant owned by a mom at Lily's preschool.moreless

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  • About this episode

    This had great written.
  • So funny.

    Me and my friends found this episode halerious especially Phil and Clare but also Mitch and Cam

    ... AND Gloria and Jay. But Manny wasn't here at all
  • Phil and Claire's Anniversary.

    This one of the best episodes of the season. The start of the episode was one of the best starts of the series so far. I think it was hilarious how Luke knows they had sex but its not scared by it. His comment of "I think dad's winning" was one of the best Luke quotes. His comments after to his sisters was also funny. The discussion the kids had about what their parents were to say to them shows how great parents and couple Phil and Claire really is despite their flaws. When the kids were listening to what Phil and Claire was so fake but oh so funny. The second part with Mitchell and Cameron would normally be the highlight of the episode but it was the second best part. This shows how strong this episode was. The scene where the women was going to do on her son and Mitchell and Cameron's reaction was priceless. What happened at the end was great, classic sitcom. This was one of best episodes of the season, probably top three.moreless
  • 213

    Another episode of Cliched Family that keeps it title with a very cliched storyline (the kids walking in on the parents "together") but I actually did not want to bang my head against the wall as much as I usually want to do during this show. Now, the episode was nothing that spectacular, but it really was not a bad episode either. A few lines were genuinely funny and I found myself disappointed when the final credits came, not my usual jubilation.

    Now, the Mitchell and Cameron storyline was absolutely terrible though. I have to point that out. A terrible use of Rachael Harris to.moreless
  • The Dunphy kids catch their parents in bed, Gloria accidentally sends an embarrassing e-mail to Claire and Cam and Mitch try to make a new friend

    I've been a bit disappointed with Modern Family lately, and I'm really glad this episode came around to renew my faith. While I'm still not sure if these new episodes are as good or entertaining as the first season, they at least took the best elements of the show and tried to blend them. I always enjoy the show more when they try to mix the families together. For instance, here, we get a plot about the Dunphy kids accidentally catching their parents in bed.. you know.. doing it, and another separate plot involving Gloria accidentally selling a vicious and insulting e-mail to Claire. It doesn't seem like these plots would blend well, but they actually do.

    I think one great thing about this season is the usage of the children. It's rare to find a show that can have one, let alone three, great child actors. Everyone here does a good job without going over the top, and instead, we get a realistic portrayal of the way children would respond to seeing their parents doing something like that.

    As for Cam and Mitch's plot, once again, we get a plot with no connection to the rest of the family except for a random reference.. it's disappointing to see the families not interacting more often and I truly hope we get more of that soon. However, I did like Rachel Harris in the episode as the crazy mom who bounces back and forth between calm and crazy. Also, the sketch where Cam can't remember what celebrity had that specific rug was hilarious.

    A much better episode of Modern Family than last week.. but I'm still waiting for that "Wow!" episode.. the season started off with four or five episodes that were incredible and the quality has sort of gone away. But this is a good start to get back on track.moreless

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