Modern Family

Season 2 Episode 7


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Nov 03, 2010 on ABC

Episode Recap

The scene opens with Phil downstairs trying to figure out which smoke alarm is chirping. Claire comes downstairs and she is sick. She tells that she has a lot of things to do and Phil tells that he has it covered. Dylan, Haley's boyfriend, comes over and asks if Haley is ready for school. Phil tells that she'll be right down and to not stand close to Claire. Dylan asks if Haley told them about that and that it was only a dream. Confused, Phil walks off, but hears the chirping of the smoke alarm. He tells that it came from the kitchen, but Dylan tells that it is probably is in the living room. Phil tells Dylan to wait in the living room and Claire tells that she wishes that Haley would date other boys. Phil jokes and calls Claire "Mrs. Robinson" and she tells that Haley should explore her options.

Cameron gets off the phone with an acting agent and tells that they are shooting a furniture store commercial and Mitchell doesn't like it and tells that he wants to not have her in the commercial. Cameron tells that Mitchell doesn't understand the "Theater Folk". Manny and Gloria show up at Jay's work for lunch and Jack, one of Jay's employees, is working the forklift to which Manny takes an interest to. Jay tells that he has to work late and Gloria tells that they had a date tonight. He tells that he is only joking. Jay, however, has no clue what she is talking about though. Jay sees that Jack let Manny on the forklift and sure enough Manny comes through the wall. At home, Manny has a band aide on his forehead. He tells that he remembers the ambulance to the hospital, but that was only Gloria that he was hearing. Manny wants to know what Jay did to Jack and he tells that Jack was fired. Manny demands that Jack be put back to work and Jay tells that he is the boss at his work and not Manny. This upsets him and he runs out. Gloria tells that she can't wait for Jay to take her on her date, but Jay, to disguise that he forgot where they are meeting, tells Gloria that they should stay home. Gloria tells that they can't because next week is another special day.

Back at Phil and Claire's, Phil brings in Haley and tells that Claire's cold got to her too. Haley snuggles up with her mother and Phil tells that he has all the chores, except none of them are done yet. Claire is happy that Haley is in the bed with her and tells that she remembers when Haley was little that she did the same things. Haley's phone rings and it is Dylan. She tells that she is in bed with her mom. Phil leaves a message to a potential buyer and is still trying to find the chirping noise. Luke comes in with a astronaut helmet on and tells that his class is going to Disneyland in a few days and he can't catch Claire's cold. The chirping continues and Phil tells that changing the batteries on smoke alarms is a man's job. He helps open Luke's backpack for him and he breaks a nail. Mitchell goes to Jay's house and Jay is surprised to see him. Mitchell tells that he got a 911 text from Jay and Manny comes out and admits it was him. He tells that he would like to use Mitchell's services and tells that he is suing his father on the behalf of Jack. Mitchell tells that he isn't going to take the case and Manny tells that he has nothing further to say to Jay. Gloria comes in and says that it is a great idea to let Lily be in a commercial. She tells that Cameron sent her a picture of Lily in the makeup chair. Mitchell is furious.

Claire and Haley are in bed and Claire tells that sometimes people need to branch out and see other people before they settle down with just one guy. Haley thinks that she is talking about her and Phil and is worried that there are problems in their marriage, but rather Claire actually means Haley's and Dylan's relationship. Downstairs, Phil is getting the LadyFingers out of the oven and burns his finger. Phil's client calls and tells that she is not interested at all and Phil is bummed. Claire's fitness instructor comes over and tells that Claire left her phone. Meanwhile, Gloria tells that she is going to get ready for her date and leaves. Jay has no clue where he is supposed to go to meet her. At the commercial shooting, Cameron sets up Lily and Mitchell comes in. They watch the commercial and it is a stereotype commercial where Lily and another Asian baby are in a commercial with Godzilla knocking over boxes. Cameron doesn't see this until the second take and takes Lily out of there and grabs the wrong kid at first.

Back at Jay's he tells that he doesn't need Manny to tell him despite the requests to let Jack in the company again. Jay tells that nobody tries to hurt his kid. Manny is surprised to hear Jay call him his kid and gives him the right location. Haley and Claire talk on the bed more about the topic of seeing other people. She suggests the pizza boy and Haley thinks that Claire wants to hook up with him. Phil comes in and starts destroying all the smoke alarms. Luke tells that he is going to sell a keyboard because of the danger of Phil losing his job. Haley tells Claire to go to Phil and save her marriage. Claire is confused, but leaves to stop Phil. Claire tells that that Phil needs to tell her the bad in his business and he apologizes. Claire tells him to get new smoke alarms and he tells that they switched them out already. He asks Luke what he did with the old ones and he tells that he made a robot and it is in the attic. Claire and Phil kiss and Haley tells that she made that happen. Later Claire orders pizza and Haley tells that she will pay the pizza boy. She tells him to never come back.
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