Modern Family

Season 2 Episode 7


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Nov 03, 2010 on ABC

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  • Claire tries to insinuate Haley should breakup with Dylan... but she thinks she's talking about her & Phil.

    Okay, so yeah.

    Mitchell-Cam storyline: So Mitchell forbids Cam to make Lilly participate on a commerical, but he sneaks behind his back and dioes so anyways. Turns out the commerical was a japanese stereotype about 2 babies in japan and Savezilla destorying high prices, and the plot ends with Cam making up his mind and taking Lilly away cause she is not japanese, she is vietnamese and there is a BIG difference (Um, Cam, that's the wrong baby...)

    Jay-Manny: so Gloria & Manny visit Jay at work, where Jack let's Manny use a machine, which he crahes into a wall and injures himself. Jay fires Jack. Also today is Gloria & Jay's annviersary (she has one for everything) and Jay doens't remember what, but Manny does. Manny says he'll tell him if he rehires Jack, & Jay tells him he won't cause he hurt "his kid". MAnny is touched upon hearing Jay considers him his son and tells him it's their first kiss at the pier.

    Dunphys: Claire is at home with a cold and Phil takes the day off to do the stuff claire had to do. But he can't get where the chirping sound is comming from. He thinks it's from the smoke detectors so he starts destorying them all, but then he remembers it's the old ones Luke should have thrown away. Also Haley & Claire where at home cause both are sick, and Clarie insinuates that she should break up with Dylan, but she understand it's her saying she'll break up with her dad. Overall: Great episode. All plots (except Cam's) were great & Manny's had heart. 9/10.