Modern Family

Season 1 Episode 5

Coal Digger

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Oct 21, 2009 on ABC
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The whole family is invited for some barbeque and football at Gloria and Jay's house. However, earlier at school there was an incident between Manny and Luke, making things very awkward for Claire and Gloria. Things heat up when an offensive label is uttered.

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  • Start could be better but ending was good.

    Ending was very good but still missing comedy in first 10 minutes.
  • Funny: Claire vs Gloria, but how funny?

    Luke and Manny get into a fight at school. On the way home, Claire talks to Phil about Gloria and Gloria talks to Jay about Claire.

    That night there is a football game, and Cam and Jay like football, though Mitchell does not.

    That night, the family gathers at Jay & Gloria's and Luke and Manny get along. Jay, Cam, Alex, and Mitchell watch the football game, and, though he studied it, Mitchell still doesn't understand football. Luke then reveals that Claire thought Gloria was a "coal digger", by which he really means glod digger.

    This is when the episode gets funny.

    Phil seems to have a slight crush on Gloria (which is also slightly revealed in the Pilot episode ("she says 'Phil' not 'feel'") and The Incident ("I got Gloria.")) and Gloria tells Claire to jump into the pool.

    In the end, the entire family ends up in the pool (except Haley because she is attached to her phone).

    This episode was more entertaining than funny, but the end was funny.moreless
  • Everyone comes to Jay's to watch a game.

    I have always liked episodes where everyone is together. This was the first one that went into depth of the realtionship of Gloria and Claire. This episode is what makes this show so great. While at the end the realtionship of Gloria and Claire is repaired at the end, it's definitely not solved. I like the part where Jay and Gloria and Phil and Claire come in and they explain the relationship they all have. When they explain it, it's one of many reasons that make this show great. Not a dysfunctional family like Married and definitely not like Full House. I also like this episode because a new side of Cameron. It's what makes his character so great. He is someone that can watch a sports game and debate with u on any topic and yet he will also watch chick flicks with you. Another great scene was when Gloria is in her room with Phil and she throws her bras at him. While Phil enjoys he is trying to be uncomfortable with it. This was another sappy ending but done in the Modern Family way.moreless
  • Great ending, some hilarious moments, but more Ed O'Neill please!

    As usual, Modern Family delivered a solid performance. It's rare when you can get a show that can balance out its performances so that everybody gets a little screen time, and Modern Family is one of those shows.. however, that being said, I do wish that Ed O'Neill would have at least a little more scenes. Come Fly With Me was an excellent episode because we could to foray a little more into what he was like as a father and got too see him flex his comedic chops. This episode was a fine example though, and proves that it's the best new comedy on TV.

    The episode begins with Luke and Manny fighting over Manny calling Luke his "nephew," and leads to a shocking revelation at a family barbeque: Claire sees Gloria as nothing but a coal digger.. uhh, that is, a GOLD digger. Amidst the awkwardness this chain of events sets off, we have Jay trying to enjoy his football game and Mitch and Cameron attempting to connect with him, Phil trying to play the good guy, although coming dangerously close to hitting on his mother-in-law, and Claire actually getting a chance to shine and stand out.

    I thought it was a little out of character for Jay to all of a sudden be saying homophobic things after a few episodes of not saying anything about it, but him getting Cameron to admit that he's "smoking hot, and at least a 9" was hilarious. Also, the montage of scenes with Luke doing stupid things, such as pogo sticking on a trampoline or eating bubbles, made me laugh.

    This show doesn't deserve 7.2's on this website.. its a quality show with scenes that are better than half of the sitcoms on TV and characters that are twice as relateable. Bring on the Edward Norton episode and I'll be happy!moreless
  • coal digger

    This show is starting to get really repetitive and formulaic. If you watch one episode you feel like you have seen the whole series. Now, to people who love this show that is a good thing, it means that it is consistently good, but to me, no episode really stands out as memorable.

    You know what you're gonna get. Alex is going to be a brat, Jay's going to say something racist. It's all just very mainstream, which is probably why the public loves it so much.

    "Coal digger" was hardly a very good episode of Modern Family. Just middle of the road for me.moreless

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    • (Cameron is carrying Lily across the room to Mitchell, who is working at his computer)
      Cameron: We're at the 10...we're at the 5...we're at the 1...
      Daddy, we're scoring a touchdown!
      Mitchell: Yeah, please don't spike our baby. (Looks up to Cameron and Lily) Why is she dressed like the Hamburglar?
      Cameron: She's a referee.

    • Phil: Claire likes to say "You can be part of the problem, or part of the solution." But I happen to believe you can be both.

    • Jay: No, see this is exactly why we sweep things under the rug. So, people don't get hurt.
      Phil: Well, yeah, until you sweep too much under the rug. Then you have a lumpy rug…creates a tripping hazard…and open yourself up to lawsuits. Boy, you can go a really long time without blinking.

    • Claire: If I say something that everybody else is thinking, does that make me a mean person? Or, does it make me a brave person, one who is courageous enough to stand up and say something, behind someone's back to a ten-year-old?

    • Phil: It's nice to see you Gloria. (Hugs Gloria)
      Gloria: Two times today.
      Phil: Okay. (Goes in for another hug)
      Claire: Uh, Phil, she means we've seen them two times today.

    • Phil: (On the phone with Claire) Hey honey, what's up?
      Claire: Uh, the school just called. Luke got in a fight.
      Phil: Oh, jeez, is he okay?
      Claire: Yeah, he's fine, but they want us to come down there. Where are you?
      Phil: I'm showing a house.
      Claire: What house?
      Phil: (After a long pause) I'm golfing.

    • Mitchell: I don't like football.
      Cameron: You know what? I thought part of being in a relationship was pretending to enjoy your partner's interests. Do you think I really loved home pickle making?
      Mitchell: Yeah, 'cause you did.
      Cameron: For a week, until we became the weird guys who gave everybody pickles. "Oh thank you, Marvin, for inviting us into your lovely home. Here, would you care for sacks pickles?"
      Mitchell: It was charming.
      Cameron: We were picklers, Mitchell. Okay, you know what, fine. Stay home with your little, jagged scissors. Maybe catch up on your scrap-booking.
      Mitchell: Uh, come-you love scrap-booking.
      Cameron: Did I Mitchell? Did I? (Leaves room)
      Mitchell: No, stop. Don't do the double question to prove a point thing. I hate it when people do that.
      Cameron: (Holds Lily outside the door) Do you Mitchell? Do you?
      Mitchell: Stop Lily.

    • Phil: Well, there's book smart and then there's street smart.
      Claire: Yeah, and then there's Luke.
      Phil: Oh, he's just, he's just curious, that's all. He's got this, almost, scientific mind with a thirst for knowledge. He's like this little Einstein. Some people ask "Why?" Luke asks, "Why not?"
      Claire: I ask why a lot.

    • Haley: Hey, mom?
      Claire: Yeah?
      Haley: Can I have forty dollars for lunch?
      Claire: Forty dollars?
      Haley: I also need a book for school.
      Claire: What book?
      Haley: I want a dress.
      Claire: Do you have any idea what a bad liar you are?
      Alex: I'd be more worried that she couldn't come up with a single book title.

    • Jay: (To Manny) Let's go buddy, it's school time. Oh, and Gloria, if you want to get together with the girls later I can just, you know, watch the football game or something.
      Manny: That means he wants to watch a football game.
      Jay: I'm not talkin' to you. And what're you drinking coffee for anyway?
      Manny: It's my culture, I'm Colombian.
      Jay: Oh yeah, what part of Colombia are those French toaster sticks from?

  • NOTES (2)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Canada: October 21, 2009 on Citytv
      United Kingdom: November 5, 2009 on Sky1/Sky1 HD
      Czech Republic: May 5, 2010 on HBO Comedy
      Sweden: May 14, 2010 on TV4
      Australia: June 15, 2010 on Channel 7
      Latin America: August 31, 2010 on FOX
      India: November 12, 2010 on Star World
      Finland: May 5, 2011 on MTV3
      Slovakia: January 26, 2013 on JOJ Plus

    • This episode was originally scheduled to air on November 4th, 2009.


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