Modern Family

Season 1 Episode 3

Come Fly with Me

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Oct 07, 2009 on ABC

Episode Recap

As Phil watches a baseball game, Dylan comes over to wait for Haley. Phil invites him over to watch the game with him, but ends up making Dylan feel very uncomfortable. Meanwhile, Jay is busy putting a model plain together. Gloria tells Manny that he can't stay and play with Jay's plain because he is going to spend some time with Luke. While driving, Cameron tells Mitchell that he has to pick up diapers at Costco. However, Mitchell thinks that he is too good to pick up diapers at a Costco.
When Dylan goes out to wait on Haley, Phil wonders why he is so jumpy. Claire tells him that a teenage boy doesn't want to hang out with his girlfriend's dad and that he too is nervous around her dad. Wanting to prove her wrong, Phil goes over to Jay's house to spend some time with him.
Gloria and Manny arrive at Claire's. As the three of them talk, Alex comes in to see if Claire approves of her clothes. She says that she must wear a dress, but Alex objects saying that she needs to worry more about Luke wearing pants. Gloria asks Alex is she would like to go shopping with her. Later on, Manny has a talk with his sister, Claire, about her cookies and about why she is sad.
As Jay is building his plane, Phil makes him nervous by just standing around. So, he asks him to help him. When they finish, Jay asks him if he would like to fly it with him.
As Mitchell and Cameron are looking for stuff at Costco, Mitchell finds the shredder that he always wanted. Amazed at this, Mitchell looks at the store as something wonderful instead of being snobby about it.
Gloria takes Alex to a restaurant and has a talk with her. She tells Alex that she can talk to her about anything, to which Alex starts asking her very personal questions.
As Jay is flying his model plane, Phil tries to make small talk with him. After awhile, Jay tries to get him to stop by telling Phil to help him with an airplane maneuver. Jay tells him to take a ring down to the far end of the field so that he can fly the plane threw it. However, he flies the plane right at his face.
As Claire has a grown up talk with Manny, Mitchell calls her to ask her if she needs any olives. At Costco, Mitchell grabs a three pack of olive containers as he goes through the store grabbing several items. However, Cameron tells him that they need to go.
As Gloria reveals more about herself to Alex, she asks her why that she doesn't want to wear a dress. Alex tells her that she doesn't think that she is pretty like Haley. Gloria tells her that she is very pretty and that a busboy was looking at her. Gloria tells her that she'll want to date a cute boy like that, and that she'll then want to wear a dress.
Gloria and Alex returns to Claire and Manny, and then Jay helps carry an injured Phil inside. Claire is mad at Jay because he hurt him on purpose and that he has never once said that he liked him. Jay goes over to Phil and tells him that he likes him, causing Phil to sit-up and hug him. Cameron and Mitchell come in and sees Phil hugging Jay. After Claire tells them what happened, Mitchell is upset that he never did that for Cameron, causing Jay to call Cameron over for a hug.