Modern Family

Season 1 Episode 3

Come Fly with Me

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Oct 07, 2009 on ABC

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  • Jay and Phill fly an airplane, Manny and Claire talk and Cameron and Mitchell go to Costco

    Another great episode from the producers of Modern Family. This episode had three parts, each one important. I don't feel like there was an A Story, B Story, or C Story. This was the first episode that went into detail of Jay's and Phil's realtionship. I love how Phil tries so hard to get Jay to like him. This is a recurring theme throughout the whole show. While Jay doesn't dislike Phil he is uncomfortable around him. When Phil got hit with the plane and Jay was attending to the plane instead of Phil was funny. It's something that Al Bundy would do. While he was more concerned with his plane then with Phil, it was done in such a way that doesn't make you hate him. I also enjoyed Manny's and Claire's time. I think it's funny that while Manny is 10 (actually 10 and three quarters) he acts like he is 30 but you still like Manny. While you knew the realtionship of Claire and Manny it's interesting to point that they are actually step-siblings. Seeing Luke with a box in his head with no pants is very funny. The part with Gloria and Alex was great too. I like that Gloria said he was Alex's step-grandmother and not just grandmother. When Cameron and Mitchell goes to Costco it may have the funniest part of the episode. When Mitchell turned up his at the place at first it was funny to see how much he got into it. I also liked that he was annoying Cameron a bit. My favorite part was hearing the story of how Mitchell and Cameron met. As typical with many Modern Family endings it did have a happy ending even sappy it wasn't like what you would see in 80's sitcoms and made you wanna watch the show more