Modern Family

Season 1 Episode 3

Come Fly with Me

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Oct 07, 2009 on ABC



  • Quotes

    • Gloria: I was thinking after lunch we can go and do a little shopping.
      Alex: I'm not getting a dress.
      Gloria: I don't care, I'm not your mother.
      Alex: I know. You're my grandmother.
      Gloria: Step-grandmother. Anyways, today think of me as a girlfriend. Two girls out for an afternoon of fun.
      Alex: What do you usually do with your girlfriends?
      Gloria: I don't know. We go out, we talk, drink wine.
      Alex: Can I drink wine?
      Gloria: No.
      Alex: Some friend.
      Gloria: Well, you can still talk to me about anything.
      Alex: Yeah, adults always say that, but they don't mean it. When my mom says I can ask her anything…I really can't. She just freaks out.
      Gloria: I won't freak out. Shoot.
      Alex: Okay. How many men have you slept with?
      Gloria: Eight. Next.

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