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As happens with all family sitcoms, the kids will get older. And this was especially noticed this season because of, one, the new credit sequence, and two, Luke's voice is suddenly way lower than it was last season. And then, that happened to Manny beginning with the Christmas episode (Merry Christmas! From, Puberty). And while I have read complaints about Luke and how he's now saying "damn" in every other episode, I like how Luke and Manny are finally being treated like the age they are. Remember the first episode? They were both 10 at this time, but Manny seemed around 8-9 and Luke around 6-7. But now they both are believable as their real age.
Also, season five has been getting fairly negative reviews, but, in my opinion, it's actually not that bad, unlike season four, which was not a good season. It has grown, and the humor is fresh again, unlike how stale it was in a lot of season four. I find this season to be most similar with season two: nothing really stands out, but the show is still very enjoyable.

I'm both excited and nervous for Cam and Mitchell's upcoming wedding, as it could be really good, or a waste of a great opportunity (like Gloria's pregnancy). Also, an episode set in Australia is coming up this season. This could be good, but I am doubting that it will be, although, I don't think that it will be terrible. And please let me take a moment to say that the proposed spin-off following Gil Thorpe is not a good idea and will likely be next season's Super Fun Night. Except not quite as terrible, just close. Let me just say that if Modern Family wanted to do a spin-off they should have kept Dylan in Wyoming and created a show about him.

So far, season five has been a pretty good season, and I hope it stays strong (quality-wise, the ratings-wise is already there) for the rest of the season. And please don't make Australia a disaster episode where every 30 seconds we have a down under joke.

What are your thoughts on Modern Family season five so far? What do you expect and/or hope for in regards to the remainder of the season?
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May 04, 2014
Lot of talk about the male performers, but Claire is not an easy character to pull off, nor is Gloria. Both actresses give stellar performances with brilliant comic timing.
Apr 18, 2014
I'm happy with that season. It's the only tv show I watch this season that still makes me laugh and that I still enjoy
Apr 10, 2014
Yeah, I'm happy enough with Season 5 so far. A few dull episodes, but otherwise good.
Feb 26, 2014
It's good, goofy and touching just what I expect from Modern Family!
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