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The wedding is about to happen, and there's so much going on, so much that this episode feels a bit rushed. We quickly jump from one thing to another, and we don't even get a chance to see everyone at the wedding in the final scene of the episode. But, other than that this was a fantastic episode that gives us a lot of jokes and has us excited for next week's part two.

With Mitch and Cam's big day here, Cam's parents have flown in from Missouri, and in this episode Meryl and Jay discuss how comfortable they are with all of this gayness (building off of the previous episode's fight between Mitchell and Jay, I love how this show is finally not afraid of becoming more serialized), and Barb tells Gloria about her worries about her and Merle's marriage, which Gloria seems to dismiss, but at the end of the episode becomes an interesting secondary cliffhanger.

Meanwhile, Claire goes to pick up Luke from some sort of camp, and Phil and Alex get a gift of a bowl for the wedding. Luke's usually hidden intelligence is shown when he talks about what Alex would do in the situation, which helps Luke and Claire (probably) make it to the wedding on time. Phil wants to be funny, while Alex wants to just get the bowl and go. When they reach a long line Phil hilariously pretends to be blind in order to cut the line, and Alex discovers how much fun this can be. Also, Haley takes Andy (the "manny") to the airport to catch his flight to go to see his girlfriend, but he gets a text from her telling him not to come. And then, we wonder how long it will be until Haley and him get together, which will probably either be in part two or during season six (and will we possibly get another Modern Family wedding or baby with Haley at some point? I think it's quite possible, and it could happen with Dylan, Andy, or someone else).

Then, there's the main storyline with Mitch, Cam, and their bumps. And with Lily who gets in to the dry-cleaners to get the suits. There are a lot of hilarious moments that are very classic. And, it ends with an even bigger problem: they have to move the wedding! This leaves me excited for next week's conclusion of "The Wedding"!


Didn't you have a year to do that?
Claire: No, I have a husband to do that.

Manny: Weddings are where you meet girls!
Meryl: Not at this one.

Jay: Your swans would be ashamed.

Andy: Me and my girlfriend are going to be like bunny rabbits.
Haley: Wow!
Andy: Yeah, we're going to hop all around town.

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May 17, 2014
I always like those episode that forever change things for the characters.

It doesn't matter if I'm a casual or a regular viewer, I will alwys wtach those.
May 17, 2014
Thanks for the review. This episode was actually pretty good, which makes it one of the best of the season. It doesn't change the fact that there's a 99% chance I'll stop watching after the season finale but it was pretty good.
May 16, 2014
Phil: "Hey honey."
Claire: "How was the eye exam?"
Phil: "Great. I can barely see and wearign giant sized sunglasses and a girly hat. Alex and I are having a blast."
Claire: "But you got the gift right?"
Phil: "That's what people tell me."
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